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If you already agreed with me before reading all this then I hope it encouraged, edified and emboldens you. If when you found this page you were undecided, a skeptic, or otherwise on the "other side" then here are final thoughts:
(now agree)

(still disagree)

  • Be on guard. Genesis is more of a threat to Satan than Mathew, Mark, Luke & John put together. Everywhere you go, everything you watch, you will see just how many people are pushing the lie of evolution, which is really the "God does not exist and I do not need to be accountable" lie. This is an example where "just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you should" that hopefully your parents taught you when you were a kid.
  • Step 1 was to recognize the universe has obviously come into existence in alignment with what the Bible says.
  • Step 2 is to recognize that human nature and other history is in alignment with what the Bible says.
  • Step 3 is, if the Bible is right about all that, combined with all the miracles that believers around the world experience, to recognize the Bible must be right about the teachings of Jesus and our need for Him. Jesus wants us to have a personal relationship with Him, not a world religion. The Bible is the word of God, treat it as such. Study it and obey Him (1 Samuel 15:22). Listen for His voice (it will be an indescribable voice from within your soul, not an external sound).
  • Step 4 is to go back and read Genesis, this time not as a novel but rather as a love letter from God explaining where you (we all) came from. Note that the first 11 chapters cover 1,700 years of history so read them very carefully. Then read the rest of your Bible and then repeat.
  • Step 5 is to participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. I cannot tell you how to participate, listen to God for your role. But consider attending a church, a Bible study, going on missions trips (either near or far), and listening to Podcasts (my two favorites preachers are Erwin McManus & Craig Groeschel, but there are countless others).
  • I have no personal need to randomly call your beliefs wrong. However what we believe spills over into our speech and our actions. Just as an addicted smoker would be lying (even if out of ignorance) if they said "I'm not hurting anyone but myself", the same can be said about any belief that is not in perfect alignment with the Truth. I realize I am asking you to change your perspective on the fundamental nature of the universe, but more importantly I want you to know and experience Truth. God invented logic and science so neither one can ever accurately be used against Him (Proverbs 21:30) and when they are attempted it involves ignorance or deceit.
  • If I lost you with all my talk of absolute Truth, you would sure hope your surgeon, chef, or banker believes in absolute truth. It is only your pride that makes you think you can get away without it.
  • All the arguments of evolution/​naturalism are built around the idea that if you can think up a way for something to happen without God then that must be the way it happened. This is the kind of logic used by fiction writers but try using it in a court of law! Yet it is all too often status quo in the science lab. This idea is convenient if you are trying to avoid the existence or importance of God but is hardly adequate justification to believe there is no God.
  • Do not hold a grudge against God for anything dumb his worshipers do. If you have been hurt by people who call themselves Christian or by people who acted in the name of Jesus but you find no justification for their behavior in the Bible then do not blame God. (Matthew 7:21-23) We live in a fallen world and people can do dumb things, but God cannot. He is perfect and worthy of your love and obedience. If you still have questions then God has answers. Read a Bible with an open heart and carefully pick a believer(s) to dialogue with, and God will be faithful.

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