Biblical Gender Identity

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DISCLAIMER: This is a mature topic only intended for people who've at least begun puberty. If you are less than 13 years old then I pray you don't have any reason to concern yourself with this yet, and you should ask a trustworthy adult before reading this.

Self Stimulation

Unlike the aforementioned topics, this one has zero direct references, so we must be careful to minimize our own bias. The technical term here is masturbation, and neither the word nor the action is described anywhere in the Bible. This absence doesn't make it good, nor does it automatically make it bad. Self stimulation is a good example of a topic where God isn't specifically trying to micromanage our lives (despite how much He's seen as doing so by non-believers who don't know Him well).

Despite the total lack of direct references, there are some theological principles to keep in mind, as well as a very practical one. The practical problem with self stimulation is it sets us up for disappointment later, for two reasons. First, any heterosexual partner (preferably only your current husband or wife) has never experienced what it's like to have your reproductive organs. Second, they're not telepathic. They may have read a book or watched a movie or been told by a friend or practiced on you enough to know basically how your erogenous zones work, but they've never experienced it. When you pleasure yourself, you know exactly what, how, where, and when to do it. It's highly unlikely your partner will be able to live up to that, so it's recommendable not to engage in activities that will cause you to have unrealistic expectations for your partner. But that logic could be argued against or ignored, so let's get back to scripture.
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It's not my authority nor my intent to call something right or wrong if God didn't. But clearly there are better things to do and think about than gratifying ourselves. Even if for arguments sake we say that this practice is acceptable, then at best it's like dancing. Dancing as a category is fine. But it's easy to agree there are certain kinds of dancing that are more risqué than others because they are choreographed specifically to lead to adulterous or fornication thoughts. So dancing is sometimes fine, sometimes not. This topic could easily be described similarly. Remember that scripture describes sexual relations as exclusively appropriate in a heterosexual marriage and then logically implies that everything else is sexual immorality. So be very careful to avoid the slippery slope. Also remember the wisest man who ever lived made a great point in Song of Solomon 8:4. While he specifically addresses females, the concept certainly applies to both genders.

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