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Summary highlights of how "to be or not to be"
See also more one liners worth remembering (above.)
PS 37:3-7
1CO 13:4-7
1CO 16:13-14
2CO 13:11
GAL 5:22-23
EPH 4:2-3
COL 3:10-17
COL 4:5-6
1TI 6:11-12
TIT 2:12-13
HEB 10:32-34
HEB 12:12-15
JAM 3:17-18
JAM 4:7-10
1PE 2:1,16-17
1PE 3:8-12
1PE 4:7-9
2PE 1:5-7
The 10
EX 19-20:20
EX 31:18-34:35
DT 5
DT 9-10:5
LEV 18-20
PS 10:2-4,7-11
PS 37:7-8
PS 50:16-22
PR 3:27-32
PR 22:22-28
AC 15:28-29
RO 1:28-32
2CO 12:20-22
GAL 5:16-21
EPH 4:17-5:14
COL 3:5-9
2TI 3:1-6
1PE 4:3
2PE 2:10-15
REV 21:8
REV 22:15
PS 15
EZE 18:5-18
RO 12:9-13:10
RO 13:12-14
2CO 4:2
2CO 4:8-9
EPH 5:15-21
PHP 2:1-16
PHP 4:6-9
1TH 5:12-22
1TI 4:11-16
1TI 5:21-23
2TI 2:3-19
2TI 2:22-25
TIT 3:1-2
HEB 13:1-9
1PE 4:14-16
JUDE 1:17-23

Consider: How would we act if everyone mimicked us?

To be or not to be content
Always content with what we have  
JOB 1:21
PR 12:12
PR 16:19,32
EC 6:9
HAB 3:17-18
LK 14:10-11
PHP 4:11-13
1TI 6:6-10
HEB 13:5
Never content with what we give/who we are
PR 21:26
LK 6:38
1TI 6:18

Old Testament God versus New Testament God   (This section is just an idea so far)
Some people claim the God of the Old Testament is wrathful and when we get to the New Testament it's like He's come in touch with his feminine side. Let's look into that:

Love Wrath
Old DT 33:3
EX 34:5-7
PS 100:5
1CH 16:34
JOEL 2:13
ISA 30:27
New ...
MT 22:7
RO 1:18
REV ...
Notice that the Old Testament covers 98% of the timespan of the Bible. There are many centuries in Genesis and during the time of the Kings when God's people didn't invoke His anger. We just don't have the followup in the New Testament like we do in the Old. Most important though is not when God's wrath appears but why. It's always in response to our prideful rebellion and never because we simply failed to live up to His standards. (We sadden and/or disappoint Him when we don't live up to His standards, but it's willfull disobedience or disregard that brings wrath.)

God made a covenant with Abraham (GE 17:3-8) and then confirmed it with Moses (EX 6:2-5), and Joshua reminded the people of it (JOS 8:30-35 & JOS 24:1-28) but the people kept having a hard time following through ( JER 3:8, AM 2:11-12, AM 5:25-27 ). Don't forget the context of GE 4:7 and AM 3:2. And it's not like God didn't warn them/us (LEV 26:3-45).

Jesus: Lion and Lamb
MT 10:34-39
MT 25:31-46
MK 8:38
JN 15:1-8
REV 5:5
REV 19:11-16
MT 11:28-30
MT 20:28
JN 1:29,36
1JN 2:2

Jesus Versus Others (This section is just a start)
Detail Jesus human manifestation Prophets/Judges Angels
Born of _ woman Virgin Barren or normal N/A
Able to see the future Yes When shown When shown
Sinless Yes No No
Claim to be the same essence as God Yes No No
Claim to be the only way to God Yes No No
Heaven opened up and God publicly declared His Son Yes No No
Murdered Yes Often N/A
Ressurected from the dead Yes No No
The Bible specifically denies that Jesus was an angel in HEB 1:3-14.

Questioning versus Doubting God   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)

ZEC 1:19
King Saul...

Editor's note: Why is it that Jesus asked so many questions and Christians think it's their job to give so many answers?
Future possibilities:
  • Two kinds of life (?)
  • Three kinds of Hebrew love (Agape, Phileus, Eros)
  • Four kinds of flesh (1CO 15:39)

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