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All Book Summary

Book Abbrev. Author AC Type MFV Summary

Genesis GE Moses TA History 50 GE 1:1 Origin of the universe, all people and the Jewish nation
Exodus EX Moses TA History 40 EX 10:3 Exit from Egypt, first exposure to the moral law
Leviticus LEV Moses TA History 27 Holy God explains how to worship Him with the ceremonial law for the Levites
Numbers NU Moses TA History 36 Mix of statistics, ceremonial reminders, and events during the wandering
Deuteronomy DT Moses SE Recap 34 DT 6:4 Repetition of the law & national history (written just before they enter the promised land)
Joshua JOS Joshua TA History 24 JOS 1:7 Taking the promised land
Judges JDG Samuel P History 21 JDG 17:6 Early years as a sovereign nation
Ruth RU Samuel P History 4 RU 1:16 Two womens' struggle for faith and survival
1 Samuel 1SA Samuel P History 31 1SA 8:7 The prophet Samuel, king Saul, servant David
2 Samuel 2SA Abiathar P History 24 2SA 12:7 King David's military victories and family struggles
1 Kings 1KI Jeremiah P History 22 1KI 18:24 King Solomon, the kingdom divides, prophet Elijah (probably written during Babylonian captivity)
2 Kings 2KI Jeremiah P History 25 The prophet Elisha, Israel conquered, then Judah
1 Chronicles 1CH Ezra TA Recap 29 Genealogy of Adam to Saul and reign of David (also probably written during Babylonian captivity, reassuring Jews they are God's chosen people)
2 Chronicles 2CH Ezra TA Recap 36 Reign of Solomon (compare 1 Kings)
Ezra EZR Ezra TA History 10 Returning from Babylonian captivity to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, relearning God's will
Nehemiah NE Ezra TA History 13 Rebuilding & dedication of the wall around Jerusalem
Esther EST EZR or NE P History 10 EST 4:14 The Jewish girl who became queen of Persia
Job JOB Unknown U Wisdom 42 JOB 1:21 Job's faith is tested
Psalms PS Various SI Wisdom 150 PS 23:4 Short songs and prayers
Proverbs PR Various SI Wisdom 31 PR 1:7 Short nuggets of wisdom
Ecclesiastes EC Solomon SP Wisdom 12 ECC 3:1 Monologue about meaning (and lack thereof) of life by a man who never had to work for anything
Song of Solomon SS Solomon SP Wisdom 8 Love letter between husband and wife
Isaiah ISA Isaiah SI Prophet 66 Judah's disregard of God will be punished, prophecies of the Messiah
Jeremiah JER Jeremiah SI Prophet 52 Judah's disregard of God will be punished (fulfilled in last chapter)
Lamentations LA Jeremiah P Prophet 5 Judah's disregard of God has been punished
Ezekiel EZE Ezekiel SI Prophet 48 Though in exile the Jews will return, visions
Daniel DA Daniel P Prophet 12 DAN 3:17 Examples of faith on trial of four men living in a hostile land, visions
Hosea HOS Hosea P Prophet 14 God has a prophet marry a prostitute to model God's relationship to the Jews
Joel JOEL Joel SI Prophet 3 A locust swarm devastates Israel but God warns is nothing compared to the looming invasion by the Babylonians that is authorized by God because of Israel's disregard for God's will
Amos AM Amos SI Prophet 9 A simple shepherd warns the nobles of Israel that legalism does not bring righteousness
Obadiah OB Obadiah SI Prophet 1 The nation of Edom will pay for their treatment of Israel when Babylon invaded
Jonah JNH Unknown U Prophet 4 God sends a prophet to the Assyrian capital to inspire repentance but the prophet wants God to wipe them out so tries to avoid delivering the message
Micah MIC Micah SP Prophet 7 MIC 6:8 Israel and Judahs' disregard of God will be punished (false gods & cheating the poor)
Nahum NA Nahum SP Prophet 3 Only about 100 years after Jonah the Assyrians have digressed so God will punish them
Habakkuk HAB Habakkuk SI Prophet 3 HAB 2:4 God can use anyone to accomplish His will, even "evil" people
Zephaniah ZEP Zephaniah SI Prophet 3 Judah's idolatry will be punished
Haggai HAG Haggai SI Prophet 2 Returned exiles should focus on God's temple before their own homes
Zechariah ZEC Zechariah SI Prophet 14 Returned exiles should rebuild God's temple, prophecy of the end times
Malachi MAL Malachi SI Prophet 4 MAL 3:10 Divine criticism of the Jews for being, at best, legalistic in their religion and having no relationship with God

Matthew MT Matthew TA Gospel 28 Emphasis on fulfilling prophecy (means He's Messiah), maternal lineage
Mark MK John Mark TA Gospel 16 Emphasis on miracles (means He's divine), suffering servant
Luke LK Luke TA Gospel 24 Emphasis on historical fact/accuracy, His compassion to non-jews & the unclean, paternal lineage
John JN John TA Gospel 21 JN 3:16 Emphasis on divinity, relationship to the Father, reason for His coming
Acts AC Luke TA History 28 Formation of the early Church, Paul's conversion and missionary journeys
Romans RO Paul SI G.Letter 16 Introduction to Christianity for the Romans, whom Paul hoped to someday meet
1 Corinthians 1CO Paul SI G.Letter 16 Various sin issues have crept into this church since he left
2 Corinthians 2CO Paul SI G.Letter 13 Only some believed Paul's first letter, others questioned his authority
Galatians GAL Paul SI G.Letter 6 GAL 5:22 Encouraging good life, not law/legalism of Judaism
Ephesians EPH Paul SI G.Letter 6 An explain of the Church's relationship to Jesus
Philippians PHP Paul SI G.Letter 4 Encouraging joy no matter the circumstances, written from prison
Colossians COL Paul SI G.Letter 4 Combating false teaching: Christ is supreme and all we need, rituals donít make us righteous
1 Thessalonians 1TH Paul SI G.Letter 5 Reassurance that (but not when) Jesus will return
2 Thessalonians 2TH Paul SI G.Letter 3 Reassurance that Jesus has not yet returned but we should not sit back and wait for the day
1 Timothy 1TI Paul SI I.Letter 6 Reminder how to be a good a pastor
2 Timothy 2TI Paul SI I.Letter 4 Departing letter to friend and fellow pastor
Titus TIT Paul SI I.Letter 3 Reminder to fellow pastor how to develop good church leaders
Philemon PHM Paul SI I.Letter 1 Defense of a runaway slave turn believer returning to his master
Hebrews HEB Unknown U G.Letter 13 Jesus is far better than Old Testament Judaism
James JAM James SI G.Letter 5 JAM 2:19 Exhortation that good works must be a natural result of genuine faith
1 Peter 1PE Peter SI G.Letter 5 Assurance that Roman persecution (any suffering) for the sake of Christ is good
2 Peter 2PE Peter SI G.Letter 3 Beware of false teachers and teachings, especially from inside the church
1 John 1JN John TA I.Letter 5 Countering false teaching, clarifying that Jesus was God and man
2 John 2JN John TA I.Letter 1 Countering false teaching, clarifying that Jesus was here on Earth
3 John 3JN John TA I.Letter 1 Praise and correction for a couple early church leaders
Jude JUDE Jude SI G.Letter 1 Beware of false teachers and teachings, especially from inside the church
Revelation REV John SI Prophecy 22 Jesus is coming back

66 29+ 6 6 1,189

AC (Authorship Certainty) = P: probably but not certain, SE: stated elsewhere in the Bible, SI: stated internally, SP: strong probability, TA: traditionally attributed, U: unknown

† = Chapters,   MFV = Most Famous Verse,   G.Letter = Group letter (usually to a church), I.Letter = Individual Letter

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