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My personal outline of Revelation

   REV 1:1-8 Intro
   REV 1:9-20 A vision of Christ
Letters to the seven churches
   REV 2:1-7 Ephesus
   REV 2:8-11 Smyrna
   REV 2:12-17 Pergamum
   REV 2:18-29 Thyatira
   REV 3:1-6 Sardis
   REV 3:7-13 Philadelphia
   REV 3:14-22 Laodicia
   REV 4:1-11 God worshiped on his throne by 4 animals and 24 elders (remember EZK 1:1-3:14)
Beginning of the Great Tribulation with a scroll with seven seals
   REV 5:1-14 Who is worthy to open the scroll? Jesus the Lamb of God
   REV 6:1-8 Breaking the 1st four seals brings the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse":
· White: wins victories
· Red: removes peace from Earth
· Black: (not clear, some sort of judgment)
· Pale green: brings death to ¼ the Earth
   REV 6:9-11 Breaking the 5th seal brings martyrs asking for justice, but they are told to wait
   REV 6:12-17 Breaking the 6th seal makes the heaves, mountains and islands disappear, and the sky is rolled back and taken away, and all people try to hide from judgment
   REV 7:1-8 Four angels hold back the four winds of the Earth, and God's people get his seal on their forehead
   REV 7:9-17 Innumerable people robed in white worship God
   REV 8:1-2 Breaking the 7th seal brings silence for ½ hour, then 7 angels are given 7 trumpets
   REV 8:3-5 An angel offers incense to God
Seven trumpets
   REV 8:6-12 The first 4 angels blow their trumpets
   REV 8:13-9:12 The 5th angel blows the 5th trumpet, bringing the 1st terror: locusts with horses bodies, human heads and a scorpion's sting to torture people for 5 months
   REV 9:13-21 The 6th angel blows the 6th trumpet, bringing the 2nd terror: 4 more angels on horses bring fire, smoke and burning sulfur
   REV 10:1-11 An angel has a sweet and sour scroll and warns of the 3rd terror
   REV 11:1-4 The 2 witnesses
   REV 11:5-19 The 7th angel blows the 7th trumpet, lots of voices are heard in heaven and God's temple opens
Dragon and the two beasts
   REV 12:1-18 The symbolic woman and the dragon, a metaphorical history lesson (followup REV 17:1-7)
   REV 13:1-10 The 1st beast comes out of the sea and serves the dragon
   REV 13:11-18 The 2nd beast comes out of the earth and serves the 1st (REV 14-15: the statue (see DAN 9:27, 11:31-32, 12:11-12, MT 24:15-25, MK 13:14-23) REV 16-18: the mark)
End of the Great Tribulation
   REV 14:1-5 144,000 worship God with a new song (compare DAN 7:10)
   REV 14:6-13 3 angels fly across the sky with proclamations and warnings
   REV 14:14-16 The righteous are harvested from the Earth
   REV 14:17-20 The unrighteous are harvested from the Earth
   REV 15:2-4 The righteous praise God on a sea of glass & fire
Seven bowls
   REV 15:1,5-16:1 7 angels are introduced with the last 7 plagues
   REV 16:2 1st angel, 1st plague: sores appear on those carrying the mark of the beast
   REV 16:3 2nd angel, 2nd plague: the sea turns to blood and everything in it dies
   REV 16:4-7 3rd angel, 3rd plague: the rivers & springs turn to blood
   REV 16:8-9 4th angel, 4th plague: a sun burst burns everyone, they curse God but do not repent
   REV 16:10-11 5th angel, 5th plague: kingdom of the beast plunged into darkness, people again curse God and do not repent
   REV 16:12 6th angel, 6th plague: Euphrates dried up in prep for war
   REV 16:13-16 3 frogs (spirits) come from the mouth of the beast, preparations begin for war at Armageddon
   REV 16:17-21 7th angel, 7th plague: the worst earthquake the world has ever seen followed by 75 pound hailstorm followed by more grumbling against God
End of time
   REV 17:1-7 John is shown a vision of a woman (prostitute) sitting on a dragon (remember REV 12)
   REV 17:8-18 The vision is explained by an angel
   REV 18:1-24 Angelic and divine description of the impending complete and final destruction of Babylon
   REV 19:1-10 Heaven rejoices at the fall of Babylon
   REV 19:11-16 The 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
   REV 19:17-21 The 'battle' of Armageddon (pretty lopsided), the imprisonment of the beast and the false prophet
   REV 20:1-3 Temporary imprisonment of Satan
   REV 20:4-6 The 1,000 year reign of Christ and the resurrected martyrs of the beast
   REV 20:7-9 Satan let free, gathers people to war against God, but God just sends fire from heaven and kills them all
   REV 20:10 Satan imprisoned forever
   REV 20:11-15 The 2nd (final) judgment and 2nd death (for those whose names are not written in the Book of Life)
Beginning of eternity
   REV 21:1-8 Presentation of the new Heaven, new Earth & new Jerusalem (compare REV 21:1 to REV 20:11)
   REV 21:9-27 Detailed description of the new Jerusalem city
   REV 22:1-5 Description of the river and trees just outside the city
   REV 22:6-21 Concluding remarks (especially do not add or subtract)

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