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Connecting the Dots

Stories we should all learn in Sunday school
GE 1:1-2:4   Creation (many followups, see my Creation versus Evolution FAQ here)
GE 2:4-3:24   The garden of Eden
GE 4   Cain & Abel (followup in HEB 11:4 and 1JN 3:12)
GE 6-9   Noah, the ark, the world wide flood and the rainbow (followup in MT 24:37-39, HEB 11:7 and 2PE 2:5)
GE 11:1-9   The tower of Babel
GE 12-18:15   Abraham, Sarah and Isaac (part 1, followup HEB 11:8-12)
GE 18:16-19:29   Sodom & Gamorah destroyed (followup in MT 11:23-24, 2PE 2:6-8 and JUDE 1:7)
GE 20-25:10   Abraham, Sarah and Isaac (part 2, followup HEB 11:17-19)
GE 25:19-34   Jacob & Esau (part 1, followup in RO 9:10-15 and HEB 12:16-17)
GE 27-33   Jacob & Esau (part 2, followup in MAL 1:2-5 and HEB 11:20-21)
GE 37   Joseph (part 1)
GE 39-50   Joseph (part 2, followup HEB 11:22)
EX 1-4   Moses (followup HEB 11:23-26)
EX 5-14   The Exodus (followup PS 78:5-56 and HEB 11:27-29)
EX 19-20:20   The 10 commandments (part 1)
EX 31:18-34:35   The 10 commandments (part 2)
DT 5   Retelling the 10 commandments (part 1)
DT 9-10:5   Retelling the 10 commandments (part 2)
JOS 1-6   Joshua, Rahab and the wall of Jericho (followup HEB 11:30-31)
JDG 3:12-30   Ehud (lefty)
JDG 4   Deborah (woman)
JDG 6:11-8:35   Gideon (small)
JDG 11:1-12:7   Jephthah (son of prostitute)
JDG 13-16   Samson (womanizer)
RU   Ruth
1SA 1   Samuel (part 1)
1SA 3   Samuel (part 2)
1SA 17   David & Goliath
1SA 18-20   David & Jonathan
2SA 12:1-25   David, Bathsheba & Nathan (followup in PS 51)
1KI 18   Elijah's contest at Mount Carmel (mentioned later in JAM 5:17-18)
1KI 3:16-28   Solomon solves an arguement
2KI 22-23   Josiah, the 8 year old king (see also 1KI 13:1-6 and 2CH 34-35)
NE 1-6:16   Nehemiah rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem
EST   Esther
JOB 1-2   Job (part 1)
JOB 38-42   Job (part 2, mentioned later in EZK 14:12-20)
DA 3   Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
DA 6   Daniel in the lions den
JNH   Jonah and the great fish (mentioned later in MT 12:38-41, MK 16:1-4 and LK 11:29-32)
MT, MK, LK, JN   The life, teaching, death & resurrection of Jesus
AC 1-12   The beginnings of the church
GAL 5:16-26   The fruit of the spirit
EPH 6:10-18   The armor of God (see also 1TH 5:8)
HEB 11   The faith chapter
HEB 12:5-11   Discipline

Note: see also my 2012 spinoff page Bible Stories where I outline every story (over 350) in the Bible.
Great Speeches
DT 8   Moses speaks to Israel
JOS 24:1-15   Joshua reminds the people where they came from and gives them a choice
2SA 7:18-29   David's response to God's promise that the Messiah would come from his children (interesting model prayer, contrast to prayer of Jabez in 1CH 4:10)
1CH 29:10-19   David praises God before Israel
PS 78:10-72   Summary of history from Egypt to David
PS 105,106:7-46   Another Genesis recap
NE 9:5-37   A prayer of remembrance of the wonder of God from the leaders of the Levites
ISA 43:10-13   God speaks to Israel about their relationship
JER 25:1-14   Jeremiah calls the people to repentance or else face captivity
EZK 20:1-44   Recap of history of Israel from God's perspective
MT 5-7   Jesus' sermon on the mount (see also LK 6:20-49)
MT 26:39,42   The words are few, so it's not much of a speech, but given the context I think this counts as "great"
JN 13-17   Jesus' final talk to his disciples
AC 2:14-42   Peter addresses a crowd on Pentecost
AC 3:12-26   Peter addresses a crowd after healing a man born lame (complete story is AC 3:1-4:31 and worth reading)
AC 6:2-7:60   Stephen is martyred in Jerusalem
AC 13:13-43   Paul preaches in Antioch
AC 15:1-31   Letter (not speech) to gentiles about their need to conform to Jewish tradition
AC 17:16-31   Paul preaches in Athens
GE 15   God's covenant given to Abraham
GE 28:10-21   "Jacob's ladder" and "stairway to heaven"
GE 31:10-13   Jacob told to return home (followup GE 31:24, a vision ignored)
GE 46:2-4   God reassures Israel about going to Egypt
1KI 3:5-15   Solomon asks for wisdom (Notice his request was essentially "change me" rather than "change my circumstances" or "change them". How often do we pray this but rather for ease?, compare PR 30:7-9)
1KI 22:10-28   Micaiah condemns Ahab (repeated in 2CH 18:9-27)
PS 18:5-17   David has an unusual perspective on his rescue from Saul
ISA 6:1-13   Isaiah touches a hot coal to his tongue
EZK 1:1-3:14   Four living beings escort the glory of the Lord and Ezekiel's commission (these special four living beings also mentioned again 14 times in Revelation 4-19, see outline below)
EZK 8:1-11:25   The results of idolatry in the temple of God
EZK 37:1-14   Valley full of dry bones become an army of living soldiers
DAN 7   Four beasts
DAN 8   The ram (Media/Persia), goat (Greece) & angel Gabriel
DAN 9:20-27   Seventy sevens
DAN 10-12   Northern and southern kingdoms continuously fight
AMO 7:1-9   Locusts, fire, plumb line and Amaziah
AMO 8   Israel is ripe for punishment, like fruit ripe for picking
AMO 9   God at the alter
ZEC 1:8-2:5   A man on a red horse among some myrtle trees in a small valley
ZEC 3   Satan accuses the high priest
ZEC 4   Gold lamp stand with a bowl of oil on top and seven more lamp stands around it, each with seven spouts & wicks, and two olive trees on each side
ZEC 5:1-4   A flying scroll with a curse for thieves & false swearers
ZEC 5:5-11   A woman, named Wickedness, in a basket, carried off by two other flying women
ZEC 6:1-8   Four horses/chariots/spirits who stand before the Lord and do his work (compare REV 6:1-8)
MT 2:12   The wise men are warned about going home
MT 2:13-15   Joseph warned to go to Egypt
MT 2:19-21   Joseph told to return to Israel
MT 2:22-23   Joseph told to go to Galilee
JN 1:51   Promise of a vision
AC 7:55-56   Stephen sees into Heaven
AC 9:1-9   Saul meets Jesus
AC 10:1-8   Cornelius told to meet Saul
AC 10:10-16   Peter told to accept gentile (non Jewish) believers
AC 16:9-10   Paul asked to go to Greece
AC 18:9-11   Paul encouraged to stay in Corinth
2CO 12:2-4   Paul knows a man who went into heaven
REV   Almost everything in the book of Revelation
Angelic Interactions
GE 6:4   Sons of God and daughters of men
GE 16:7-12   Hagar is comforted
GE 18:1-19:29   Abraham, Sarah and Lot dialogue
GE 32:1-2   Jacob sees angels but there is no record of interaction
GE 32:24-32   Jacob wrestles with God
EX 3:1-4:17   Moses and the burning bush (recounted in AC 7:30-35)
EX 19-34   Moses at Mount Sinai (referenced in AC 7:38)
NUM 22:21-35   Balaam and his donkey are stopped (referenced in 2PE 2:15-16)
JDG 2:1-4   The Israelites are confronted
JDG 6:11-24   Gideon's commission
JDG 13:1-23   The birth of Samson
1KI 19:3-8   Elisha is encouraged
DAN 7   Four beasts explained
DAN 8   Gabriel explains the ram and goat vision
DAN 9:20-27   Gabriel explains the seventy sevens
DAN 10-12   The future is revealed to Daniel (the angel was delayed 21 days to answer Daniel's prayer because he was delayed by the spirit prince of Persia.)
ZEC 1:7-17   A vision explained
MT 1:18-25   Joseph reassured about Mary
MT 28:1-7   An angel rolls back the stone of Jesus' tomb
MK 16:1-8   An angel speaks inside the empty tomb of Jesus
LK 1:5-25   Zechariah temporarily loses his speech for disbelief (restored in LK 1:57-64)
LK 1:26-38   Mary is told the good news
LK 2:8-15   An army of angels appear before shepherds
LK 24:1-8   Angels speak at the empty tomb of Jesus
AC 1:6-11   Onlookers of the ascension are encouraged
AC 5:17-25   The apostles are let out of prison
AC 8:26-29   Philip is told to go to a road and intercept a chariot
AC 12:1-19   Peter is let out of prison
AC 27:21-26   Paul is told what will happen next
REV 19:9-10   How angels should act when we get confused (compare REV 22:8-9 and COL 2:18)
What is it like to be an angel?
ISA 6:2-4   Seraphim description, attitude and sample of power, as observed by Isaiah
EZK 1:4-24   Four living beings described, as observed by Ezekiel
MT 18:10   Always in God's presence
MK 12:25   No marriage (also LK 20:34-36)
LK 15:10   Joyful at a sinner's repentance
HEB 1:4   Less important than Christ/God
HEB 1:7   Comparable to wind and flames of fire
HEB 1:14   Servants of God chartered for the saved
1PE 1:12   They desire to "look into" the relationship of the messiah and his people
2PE 2:11   Respectful
JUDE 1:6   Tight operating limits
JUDE 1:9   Very humble
What do the angels say about God?
LK 2:13-14   Angels appear to shepherds giving glory to God
REV 14:6-7   An angel flys across the sky praising God
REV 15:2-4   Not exactly angels, but people in heaven praising God
Descriptions of God/Seeing God
EX 3:6   Somehow Moses knew not to look at God
EX 24:9-11   Moses and the elders see and eat a meal with God
EX 33:11   Moses meets with God in the Tent of Meeting (see full context in EX 33:7-11)
EX 33:18-23   Moses asks to see God, offered to see His back
EX 34:5-8   God passes in front of Moses
JOB 19:25-27   Job yearns to see God
PS 11:7   Righteous will
PS 17:15   David knew what to expect
PS 27:4   David yearns to see God
PS 63:2   Strange
ISA 6:1   Isaiah sees God (not necessarily His face) on His throne in His temple
EZK 1:26-28   Ezekiel sees a vision of God
MT 5:8   Who will see God
MT 17:1-6   The transfiguration: even His glory is so great it is terrifying (compare MK 9:2-6 and LK 9:28-34)
LK 5:8-9   An example of when we realize we are truly in the presence of God we will drop all pretension and intuit His holiness and our contamination
JN 4:24   God is spirit (not gold, wood, man, beast, planet nor star, etc.)
JN 14:9   We see God through Jesus
1TI 6:15-16   No human eye has nor can ever seen Him
HEB 12:14   Without holiness we can forget about seeing Him
1JN 4:12   He can't be seen but we live with him none-the-less
REV 4:2-5   God on His thrown
REV 22:4   We (believers) will see God's face after all the events described in Revelation
Seeing is not believing
GE 3:6   They walked with God and yet still believed the serpent
EX 32:23-24   They had seen the ten plagues in Cairo, the Red Sea get parted, the entire mountain catch fire and the thunder of God, and yet still didn't really believe
JDG 8:33-35   God freed them from foreign adversaries and the moment the figurehead disappeared they were right back to their old ways
MT 27:62-28:15   If they had any sort of an open mind they would have responded differently to this eye witness story
MK 8:11-12   If it would have worked Jesus would have done it (compare MT 16:1-4, LK 11:29-30)
JN 6:1-15,22-71   The crowds followed Him because of His miracles yet all they wanted was free food and when He confronted them about this shallowness they just asked for a sign
JN 9:25-34   Jesus did something Moses never did and yet the Pharisees dismissed it
JN 11:45-48   Raising Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead for 4 days was a turn off to many
JN 12:28-29   It is so tempting just to explain away the miracles of God
JN 12:37   When it is not you, it is easy to criticize, but we are all like this
JN 20:24-29   Doubting Thomas, Jesus is not fooled by our flippant emotions, he knows where real faith comes from and it is not our eyes (see HEB 11:1)
___   revelation?
JN 14:6   Jesus (see also JN 1:12)
AC 3:19   Repent
AC 16:31   Believe
RO 10:9-10   Confess, believe
EPH 2:8   Not us, Him (see also TIT 3:5)
God loves everyone (not just Jews/Christians)
GE 12:1-3   God made Abraham a blessing for the whole world (repeated GE 18:18, GE 22:15-18 and GE 26:2-5, followup AC 3:25)
DT 10:17-19   No partiality
JOS 4:24   May the whole world know of God's power
1KI 8:41-43,60   Solomon dedicates the first temple and includes foreigners (compare 2CH 6:32-33)
PS 145:9   We are all His creation
ISA 28:11   God will use other nations (even non believers) to rebuke us if we intentionally go astray (quoted 1CO 14:21)
ISA 45:20-23   He brings salvation to the whole world
ISA 56:1-8   Blessings for foreigners who serve
JER 32:27   God of all mankind
HOS 1:10   Gentiles will get their chance (also HOS 2:23, quoted RO 9:25-29)
JOEL 2:28-32   "All" and "everyone" (quoted RO 10:13-21)
AM 9:7   God has been at work with more people than the Jews, with more people than are recorded in the Bible
AM 9:11-12   Temple will be rebuilt (a third time) and everyone will go to seek God (quoted AC 15:13-19)
JNH 4:11   Even those whose lifestyles are despicable
MT 5:43-48   Both the righteous and the unrighteous
MT 9:10-13   Sinners
MT 21:43   The Kingdom of God will be taken from arrogant believers and given to others more humble
MT 22:37-40   2nd greatest commandment (compare to MK 12:29-31)
MT 28:19-20   Jesus' great commission to us (compare to MK 16:15-18)
LK 2:10   The Christmas story was for all of us, but balance LK 2:14
LK 2:32   A Jewish priest got it when he met Jesus as a baby
LK 10:25-37   The Good Samaritan
JN 3:16   One of the most famous verses in the Bible
AC 10:34-36   Peter's first witness to gentiles (complete story is AC 10:1-48)
AC 11:18-24   Peter & Barnabas verify gentile believers
RO 3:9,22-24,29   He is the God for everyone
RO 10:9-13   Salvation is available to anyone who trusts (puts their faith in) God
RO 11:16-21   Gentiles are grafted in to the tree of Abraham
RO 15:9-12   Jesus came to show mercy on the Gentiles too (quotes DT 32:43, PS 18:49, PS 117 and ISA 11:10)
1JO 2:29   Faith & obedience get us into the family (compare MT 3:9 and LK 3:8 which claim faith & obedience are more important than biological family or group association)
REV 5:9   Jesus shed His blood for everyone everywhere

Note: Obediah, Jonah and Nahum are three prophets who made it into Old Testament scripture, with their own book, and were sent by God to the gentiles, not the Jews.
God hates religion (hypocrisy)
Note: God wants a relationship with us, not a world religion. It's often said by atheists that religion is the opium of the masses, and I don't disagree, but the trick is our God doesn't want us to have a religion, He want's a relationship.

1SA 15:22-23   Sacrifice vs obedience (compare to PS 40:6-8, PS 50:14-15,23, PS 51:16-17, PS 69:30-31, PR 15:8, PR 21:3,27, EC 5:1-2, HOS 6:6, MT 12:7 and 1CO 7:17-19)
ISA 58   God's lament over the hypocrisy of a nation that calls His name but lives like He doesn't exist
JER 7:1-15   Church/temple does nothing to save us (faith and obedience do, quoted MT 21:12-13, MK 11:15-17 and LK 19:45-47)
AM 5:21-24   He can see through our show and he "hates" it
MIC 6:8   We know what we need to do, so disobeying God and then trying to worship Him is foolish (compare GE 4:7 and ZEC 7:8-10)
MT 3:8-10   Good anti-legalism reminder
MT 6:15   The "golden rule" can be used against us
MT 7:1-5   Humans judging (see also Judging below)
MT 9:10-13   He accepts people who admit to be sinners but rejects people who are self righteous (since we are all sinners whether we admit it or not, see RO 3:9-20)
MT 15:1-12   Wrongfully placing human traditions over the commands of God (also MK 7:1-13)
MT 18:21-35   The parable of the man who owed an unpayable debt and owned a trivial loan (compare to 2SA 12:1-13 and LK 7:36-50)
MT 21:28-32   Warning against "civilized" religion
MT 23:1-12   Respect authority, but only until they require us to disobey God
MT 23:23-36   Tithing vs doing good (consider this use of the word "camel" when reading MT 19:16-30, MK 10:17-31 and LK 18:18-30)
MK 2:23-28   Working on the Sabbath?
MK 3:1-6   Healing on the Sabbath (also LK 6:6-11 and LK 13:10-17)
MK 12:38-48   Public prayers evil hearts (also LK 20:46-47)
LK 6:46   Obedience
LK 7:36-50   Self righteousness versus humility (remember see RO 3:9-20)
LK 9:37-43   Faithless people are repulsive, yet He chose to love us anyway
LK 11:33-12:2   Jesus slams the Pharisees & teachers/experts in religious law to their face in their home (Be extra careful with this passage: we all act like these people unless we are very intentional not to.)
LK 12:54-59   We understand interpreting the weather, why not spiritual things
LK 13:22-30   Proximity even to Jesus is not salvific, faith is
LK 18:9-14   Self righteousness keeps us from God
JN 5:39-40   We study Him so we can know who He is but we don't want to know Him personally
RO 2:23-24   Here is why (quotes ISA 52:4-6, compare EZE 36:20-21)

Note: God doesn't appreciate it if we claim He spoke to us when He didn't. (ZEC 8:17, JER 8:8)
When God...
MT 8:5-13   Was amazed (compare to LK 7:1-10 and contrast to MK 6:1-6)
MK 3:1-6   Was angry with us (compare to LK 6:6-11 as well as MT 21:12-13, MK 11:15-17 and LK 19:45-47)
MK 8:11-13   Was annoyed (compare to MT 17:17, MK 9:19 and LK 11:39-52)
MK 10:13-16   Was indignant
LK 7:11-17   Had compassion (explicitly)
LK 8:25   Was disappointed
LK 9:37-43   Was annoyed (contrast to MT 21:18-22 and MK 11:12-14,20-21)
LK 10:21   Was happy (if you found this annoying then you're not alone but given God's emphatic attitude here it's too bad)
LK 15:11-32   Ran
LK 19:41-44   Cried (because our unbelief makes Him sad, compare to JN 11:32-37)
What did the prophets say about Jesus?
Note: the primary purpose of the prophets was not so much to tell the future but was to tell who God is, what He cares about, and what He's going to do if we don't take Him seriously (AM 3:7).

DT 18:15-18
MT 1:1-17, LK 3:23-38, AC 3:22, AC 7:37
In the bloodline of Israel
DT 18:19
AC 3:23
Non belief is very bad (also LEV 23:29)
1SA 2:35
(non specific)
Will do the will of the Father, note his "family" is spiritual not offspring, see MT 12:49, MK 3:34 and LK 8:21
PS 2:7
MT 3:16-17, MT 17:1-13, MK 9:2-13, LK 3:21-22, LK 9:28-36, AC 13:33
Son/Father relationship
PS 8:2
MT 21:16
Children & infants praise
PS 16:8-11
MK 16:9, AC 2:22-32, AC 13:34-37
No stay dead
PS 22:1
DT 21:22-23, MT 27:46, MK 15:34
He would be/feel abandoned by God the Father
PS 22:7-8
MT 27:38-44
Onlookers sneer (at crucifixion) and tease about separation from God
PS 22:15, 69:21
MT 27:48, MK 15:36, LK 23:36, JN 19:28-30
Thirsty yet given garbage to drink
PS 22:16-18
MT 27:35, MK 15:24, LK 23:34, JN 19:24
Lots would be cast for His clothes
PS 30:1-3
MK 16:9
Would die but rise again
PS 31:5
MT 27:50, LK 23:46, JN 19:30
Gave up His spirit
PS 34:20
JN 19:31-36
No broken bones (like the Passover lamb mentioned in EX 12:46, NU 9:12 and JN 1:29,35-36)
PS 35:19, 69:4
JN 15:23-25
The world hates Him for no reason
PS 41:9
JN 13:18-19
Share food with His betrayer
PS 69:9
MT 21:12-13, MK 11:15-17, JN 2:13-17
Passionate about sanctity of God's house (see also ISA 56:7 and JER 7:11)
PS 69:25, 109:8
AC 1:16-22
(Not so much about Jesus but one of His disciples)
PS 78:2
MT 13:33-35
Speak in parables (see also ISA 6:9-10 just below)
PS 110:1
MT 26:64, MK 14:62
Will return on clouds with power (also DA 7:13)
PS 118:22-23
MT 21:42, MK 12:10-11, LK 20:17, AC 4:11
Rejected but the cornerstone
ISA 6:9-10
MT 13:1-23, MK 4:11-12, LK 8:10, JN 12:37-43, AC 28:25-28
We will see and hear but not understand
ISA 7:14
MT 1:18-25, LK 1:34
A virgin will give Him birth
ISA 9:1-3
JOS 20:7,9, 1KI 9:11-13, MT 2:19-23, MT 4:12-25, MK 1:14-39, LK 4:14-15, LK 5:17, LK 23:4-7, JN 2:11, JN 4:43-54, JN 7:32-52
From/preached in Galilee
ISA 9:4-7
MT 11:29-30, GAL 5:1
Replace the yoke of spiritual slavery to evil with freedom to be God's instrument
ISA 40:3
MK 1:1-8
Get ready in the desert, make a straight path
ISA 42:1-4
MT 12:15-21
Would be gentle
ISA 53:1
JN 12:37-38
No one will believe (see all of ISA 52:13-53:12)
ISA 53:4
MT 8:14-17
Healed the sick
ISA 53:7-8
MT 26:57-68, MT 27:11-14, MK 14:53-65, MK 15:3-5, LK 23:6-10, JN 1:29,35-36, JN 19:6-10, AC 8:26-40
Lead like a sheep to slaughter, silent, childless
ISA 53:12
MK 15:27-28, LK 22:35-37
Treated as a rebel
ISA 54:13
JN 6:45
Will bring the teachings of God
ISA 55:3-5
AC 13:34
would be given what was promised to King David
ISA 61:1-2
MT 5:1-12, LK 4:17-21
Good news given to the poor
JER 31:15
GE 30:1, GE 35:16-18, JOS 18:25-28, MT 2:16-18
Crying in Ramah
DAN 9:24-27
MT 21:1-9, MK 11:1-10, LK 19:29-38, JN 12:12-15
The day Jesus would ride into Jerusalem
HOS 11:1
MT 2:14-15
Called out of Egypt
MIC 5:2
MT 2:1-6, LK 2:4-7
Born in Bethlehem (also 2SA 5:2)
MIC 7:5-6
MT 10:34-39, LK 12:49-53
Came to spark division (between righteousness and unrighteousness)
ZEC 9:9
MT 21:1-9, JN 12:12-15
Enter Jerusalem on a donkey
ZEC 11:12-13
MT 26:14-15, MT 27:3-10
His life would be valued at 30 pieces of silver (also JER 32:6-9 (not remembering why?))
ZEC 12:10
JN 19:31-37
He would be pierced
ZEC 13:7
MT 26:31, MT 26:44-56, MK 14:27, MK 14:41-50
Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter
MAL 3:1
MK 1:1-8
God will send His messenger ahead of His Son
MT 2:19-23, MK 14:66-67
Called a Nazarene
JN 11:47-52
Would die for the whole nation (followup JN 12:9-11 & JN 12:19)

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