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Women of the Bible
Abigail   (schrewd wife)   1SA 25
Anna   (temple prayer)   LK 2:36-38
Deborah   (judge over nation of Israel)   JDG 4-5
Delila   (girlfriend of Samson)   JDG 16:4-21
Elizabeth   (mother of John the Baptist)   LK 1:5-66
Ester   (Jewish queen of Persia)   EST
Eve   (the first woman)   GE 2:15-4:2
Hagar   (Sarah's servant, mother of Ishmael)   GE 16:1-15, 21:8-21
Hannah   (Samuel's mother)   1SA 1:1-2:11, 2:18-21
Jezebel   (wicked queen of Israel, by marriage only)   1KI 16:21, 18:4, 18:13, 18:19, 19:1-2, 21:1-26, 2KI 9:6-10, 9:22, 9:30-37
Leah   (wife of Jacob)   GE 29:16-30:21, 31:1-16, 33:1-7
Lydia   (purple cloth merchant)   AC 16:13-15,40
Mary   (mother of Jesus, wife of Joseph)   LK 8:19-21, JN 2:1-12, JN 19:25-27, AC 1:14
Mary Magdalene   (follower of Jesus)   LK 8:1-3, LK 24:1-11, JN 19:25, JN 20:1-2, JN 20:11-18
Naomi   (mother in law of Ruth)   RU
Priscila   (wife of Acquila)   AC 18:1-3,18,26, RO 16:3-5, 1CO 16:19
Rachel   (wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph)   GE 29:1-30:26, 31:1-35, 33:1-7, 35:16-20 (see also RU 4:11, JER 31:15 and MT 2:18)
Rahab   (helped spies in Jericho)   JOS 2, 6:15-25, MT 1:5, HEB 11:31, JAM 2:25
Rebekah   (wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob & Esau)   GE 22:23, 24, 25:19-26, 26:6-9, 26:34-27:46
Ruth   (faithful daughter in law of Naomi)   RU
Sapphira   (wife of Ananias)   AC 5:1-11
Sarah   (Sarai, wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac)   GE 11:29-13:2, 16:1-6, 17:15-21, 18:1-15, 21:1-13, 23:1-2 (also ISA 51:1-2, RO 9:6, HEB 11:11 and 1PE 3:5-6)
Tabitha   (girl resurrected by Peter)   AC 9:36-42
Tamar   (neglected wife of Judah's sons)   GE 38:6-30
Unnamed   (Moses' mom)   EX 2:1-10
Unnamed   (Jephthah's daughter)   JDG 11:29-40
Unnamed   (Job's wife)   JOB 2:9
Unnamed   (woman at the well)   JN 4:1-30
Unnamed   (demon possessed slave girl)   AC 16:16-18
Note: while not described, Ezekiel (EZE 24:18) & Peter (MT 8:14) had wives, too. Paul probably did not (1CO 7:8, 1CO 9:5).
Cavemen of the Bible
GE 19:28-30   Lot lives in a cave after Sodom and Gamora are destroyed
JOS 10:16-27   Kings try to hide in a cave to escape the Israelites invasion of the promised land
JDG 15:6-11   Samson lives in a cave for a time
1SA 22:1   David and soon his followers set up camp in a cave
1SA 24   David spares Saul's life in a cave (notice PS 57 and PS 142)
1KI 19:7-13   Elijah hides in a cave and God meets him there
Kinds of People God Uses
EX 3:1-4:18   Moses   Four times tries to talk his way out of serving
JDG 6:11-24,36-40   Gideon   Least member of his family, least family in his tribe, least tribe in the nation
1SA 16:4-13   David   Youngest of his brothers, just a shepherd
EZR 1:1-2   Cyrus   King of Persia, the largest nation on Earth at the time, whose country had just invaded, pillaged and exiled Israel less than a century earlier
JER 20:7-18   Jeremiah   Ridiculed and mocked
JON 1:3,4:1-3   Jonah   Prophet who disapproved of God's love
AC 6:1-10   Stephen   Called by the apostles to bus tables
AC 7:55-8:3   Paul   Severely persecuted Christians at first (initially known as Saul)
We should be like children, but not babies
MT 11:25   God reveals certain truths/realities to children but leaves the self-righteous in the dark (compare LK 10:21)
MT 18:3   The attitude of people who are advancing God's plan must be like children
MT 19:14   God wants children to know and be familiar with Him (compare MK 10:14 and LK 18:16)
1CO 13:11   Act our age
1CO 14:20   Don't be childish in our understanding of spiritual matters but do be as innocent as babies of evil matters
EPH 4:14   Children are immature, the rest of us should be better
HEB 5:12-14   Babies only eat milk, mature people eat solid food
1PE 2:2-3   Crave spiritual guidance
1JN 5:1   Believers are children of God
Mind, Body & Spirit (this is just an initial idea so far)
MT 10:28   Death of body versus soul
LK 12:5   Jesus at least refers to physical death and spiritual destiny
1CO 15:38-41   Kinds of bodies/flesh
1TH 5:23   Paul mentions these concepts as distinct
EX 3:20   God's hand(s), see also  EX 7:4-5, EX 9:15-16, DT 32:36-42, PS 89:19-21, ISA 1:24-25, ISA 5:12, ISA 43:10-13, ISA 51:15-17, ISA 66:1-2, JER 6:12, JER 18:6, JER 25:15-16, JER 51:25-26, EZE 6:14, EZE 13:9, EZE 14:9,13-14, EZE 16:27, EZE 20:22-24, EZE 25:7,13,16, EZE 35:3, EZE 37:19, AM 1:8, AM 9:2, ZEP 1:4-6, ZEC 2:8-9, ZEC 13:7, JN 10:28-30, ACT 7:49-50
EX 15:26   God's eyes (sight), see also  DT 4:25-26, DT 11:12, DT 12:28, DT 13:18, DT 17:2-5, DT 24:4, JDG 3:7, 1KI 11:33, 2KI 16:2, 2KI 19:16, 2CH 6:40, 2CH 14:2, 2CH 29:6, 2CH 36:5,12, NE 9:32, JOB 15:15-16, JOB 34:21, PS 52:1, PR 5:21, ISA 37:17, ISA 49:5, JER 16:17, JER 32:19, DAN 9:18, MAL 2:17, HEB 4:13, REV 2:18
EX 33:18-23   God's face, see also  DT 31:17-18, 2CH 30:9, JOB 33:26, PS 10:11, PS 24:6, PS 27:9, PS 67:1, PS 80:3,7,19, ISA 59:2, 2CO 4:6
1CO 12:12-31   The parts of the body [church] of Christ
EPH 4:25   Short reference to the church being a body
How would history be different if...
GE 3   Either Adam or Eve had stood up to Satan?
GE 4   Cain had listened to God and not allowed sin to have him?
GE 9:1, 11:1-4   Noah's descendents voluntarily obeyed God and dispersed? (forced to obey in GE 11:8-9)
GE 16,21   Abram had defied his wife and not slept with her servant, Hagar? (Ishmael's descendants became the Arabs & Issac's descendents the Jews)
GE 22:1-18   Abraham had failed God's test?
GE 25,27,28   Jacob had trusted God to cary out his plans his own way?
GE 37:2-11   Joseph had not bragged about his dreams?
GE 37:17-32   Joseph's brothers hadn't sold him into slavery?
EX 2:11-12   Moses had not killed that Egyptian?
EX 32:9-14   Moses had not interceded for Israel? (complete story is EX 32)
NU 13:16-33   All 12 spies had the attitude (faith) of Caleb and Joshua?
LK 1:26-45   Mary had doubted?
MT 27:11-26   Pilot did not cave? (also in MK 15:1-15, LK 23:1-25, JN 18:28-19:16, contrast to Gallio, governor of Corinth in AC 18:12-17)
JN 19:25-27   Joseph had been present at the crucifixion? (also MT 27:55-56 and MK 15:40-41)
Do we automatically go to hell if we do not know Jesus?
MT 12:32   I'm not going to try to reinterpret this, but it makes me lean towards no, see MSG version especially
LK 12:47-48   Inconclusive and maybe inappropriate, but possibly related
LK 19:44   Rare example of God actively punishing people for disobedience in NT (sounds like yes)
JN 3:18   I'm not clear on the difference on being judged versus being condemned, but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way (leaning towards yes)
JN 5:22-23   Could be yes (but be careful of the "I'm right" trap)
JN 15:5-15   Holy Spirit will convict the world, not just believers (leaning towards yes)
AC 4:12   There is only one path to salvation (sounds like yes)
AC 14:15-17   Preemptive followup to the famous "no excuse" verse RO 1:20 (sounds like yes)
RO 1:20   We have no excuse for not knowing God, and God will always lead us to His Son (sounds like yes)
RO 2:14-16   Everyone, even gentiles, have God's presence in their hearts, this would be the strongest case for no I've seen yet (compare DT 29:29) (sounds like no)
RO 10:9-14   Salvation comes from faith, which comes from belief, which comes from knowledge (sounds like yes)
1CO 16:22   Paul is pretty blunt (sounds like yes)
1PE 4:17-18   The only reason believers even make it to heaven is their faith, not their works, so no way for unbelievers
1JN 5:12   Considering we all exist in a conscious state forever (vs?) I would sure want life
Note: abandoning or rejecting Christ is highly inadvisable: 2PE 2:20-21 and 1JN 2:22-23 (consider also Losing Our Salvation above)
The law, faith and deeds
LEV 20:24-26   God wanted the Jews to be distinguished from everyone else, compare NUM 23:9
HAB 2:4   Righteous will live by faith (quoted ROM 1:17, GAL 3:11, HEB 10:38)
JN 6:29   The one deed that can get you into Heaven
AC 13:38-41   The law does not make tarnished people clean
RO 2:13,25-27   Obedience is more important than awareness (though never forget awareness is necessary for accurate obedience) and obedience/faith is infinitely more important than ancestry or tradition
RO 3:19-22   The law eliminates our excuses for not being aware of our own sin by showing us the minimum standard, but God allowed us a better alternative through faith in Christ
RO 3:28   Faith is more important than obedience
RO 3:30-4:8   Righteousness granted by faith is a gift, not earned
RO 4:13-16   Anyone may have faith and be accepted by God (not just God's "chosen people")
RO 5:20-21   The law was given to show us how evil we are (as opposed to given as a way to earn our salvation)
RO 7:7-14   The law is what made us aware of our sin, but do not blame the law or God
RO 9:15-16   No amount of good works will make us right with God, He never said the strategy of working for our salvation would succeed and in fact says the opposite in many ways
RO 9:30-10:4   Faith is basically trust, trust God that He knows what is best
RO 10:9-13   Salvation comes from trust, nothing else
2CO 1:24   There is no prescribably right way to act on our faith
2CO 3:5-18   The law was good, but the Spirit is better (compare 2CO 4:3-4)
2CO 5:7   A definition of faith
GAL 2:16,21   The law is not salvific, faith in Jesus is
GAL 3   Miracles happen when faith is high, not when all the commandments are being obeyed
GAL 5:1-5   The law brings slavery but Christ brings freedom
GAL 5:18   The Spirit completely overrules the law
EPH 2:9   Salvation is by faith alone specifically to put us in our place when we feel like bragging or being proud
EPH 6:8   Deeds are still important
PHP 3:3-9   Deeds are not enough
COL 2:16-23   Rules are not as important as relationship, don't believe when people claim to have "new revelations" from God for they have been deceived (see 2CO 11:14-15 and MT 7:15)
1TI 1:5-11   What and who the law was for
JAM 1:22   However, if we have faith but ignore the law then we are fools
TIT 2:13-14   Faith and deeds are (supposed to be) inseparable
TIT 2:9   Avoid arguing over details of the law
HEB 7:19   The law alone is no good
REV 22:12   Faith saves but we will be repaid by deeds
Note: Was the law just for the Jews to keep them different, or did it explain the heart of God? Jesus says he completed the law, making us think it wasn't trivial, but God releases the early church from dietary restrictions, reinforcing that it had aspects of just differentiating them from their neighbors to make a name for God. This has serious implications for whether significant portions of scripture are simply historical reference or some form of instruction still important to follow. See my spinoff page, The Word of God Literally for more on this theme.
Do not be lazy, act on our faith
MT 7:24-27   Jesus' building/foundation parable
LK 11:27-28   Put God's word into practice
JN 13:17   We will be blessed for doing God's will
JN 14:15   This is one way to prove we love someone
AC 26:20   The proof of repentance
HEB 10:24   Actively think of ways to do good deeds and motivate others to do the same
JAM 1:22   Do not be a fool
JAM 1:22-26   Without good deeds we are hypocrites, but deeds without explicit purpose do not count
JAM 2:14-26   Faith without deeds is worthless
1JN 3:17-18   How to love our neighbor
The invisible, supernatural world all around us that is right in front of our faces
NUM 22:21-35   A talking donkey (referenced in 2PE 2:15-16)
1CH 21:7-30   God severely punishes Israel because of David's sin
2KI 6:8-23   The hills were covered with invisible horses & chariots of fire
MT 18:18   Things in heaven are directly affected by things we do here
Unusual Life & Death Stories
GE 2:7   The creation of the first man, Adam.
GE 2:22   The creation of the first woman, Eve.
GE 5:24   The departure of Enoch.
GE 5:5   Adam lived to be an old man!
GE 6:4   We have no idea what this is referring to. Could this be where the Greeks got their legends?
NUM 3:4   Nadab and Abihu, perhaps following in Cain's way of trying to worship God their own way rather than how God asked
NUM 16   Israelites grumble against God (compare GE 4:7)
NUM 20:1-13   Moses condemns himself
1SA 10:1-16   So often we hear God speak to us and tell us the future and we just say "ok", not expecting Him to change us along the way. We assume things have always been and always will be the same (2PE 3:4-7) but He does change us
2SA 23:8   God was with David and his soldiers as they purged the final enemies of God in the promised land (see also 2SA 21:20-22, repeated 1 CH 11:11 and 1 CH 20:7)
1KI 13:11-32   A prophet lies and causes another prophet to be cursed (see back story in verses 1-10)
1KI 17:8-24   A widow's son is restored
1KI 20:35-36   A man is killed for not hitting a prophet
2KI 1:9-12   Fire of God fell from heaven and killed them all
2KI 2:7-15   Swing low sweat chariot (the departure of Elijah)
2KI 4:32-37   Elisha brings a boy back to life
2KI 9:30-37   Prophesy about Jezebel comes true
2KI 13:20-21   Touching Elisha's bones
2KI 17:24-28   God sends lions
1CH 13:6-10   Uzzah tries to touch the ark without permission
1CH 20:4-8   Descendants of the giants of Gath
DAN 3   Shadrach, Meshach and Abbendigo & the furnace
DAN 6   Daniel and the lions' den
MT 27:50-53   Mini resurrection
MT 28:11-15   Guards bribed to say they fell asleep, even though this would be admission of a capitol crime (compare to AC 12:18-19)
LK 1:26-38   A virgin conceives (before science allows)
JN 11:1-44   Lazarus is resurrected
LK 16:19-31   Parable of another Lazarus and a rich man experiencing eternity
AC 5:1-11   Man & wife try to lie to the Holly Spirit
AC 7:54-8:1   Stephen sees Jesus while being stoned
AC 9:32-43   Peter brings Tabitha back to life
AC 12:20-23   Herod is struck down
AC 13:6-12   Paul strikes Elymas with temporary blindness
AC 20:7-12   Tired boy falls out a window
RO 5:17   Evolution is a total lie (see also 1CO 15:21-22)
1CO 10:8-10   Collection of unfortunate people
1PE 4:6   Preaching to those already dead (at the time, no indication this continues today)
REV 11:7-12   The two witnesses
More Unusual Stories
JDG 5:20   Stars fought?
JOB 40:15-24   Behemoth
JOB 41:1-34   Leviathian (also mentioned JOB 3:8, PS 74:13-14, PS 104:26 and ISA 27:1)
PS 107:23-30   Calming of the sea, compare to JNH 1:4-16, MT 8:23-27, MK 4:35-41 and LK 8:22-25
2KI 2:23-24   Bears come at Elisha's command
2KI 3:11-20   Pools of water come from nowhere
2KI 6:1-7   Floating ax head
EZK 37:1-14   Valley full of dry bones become an army of living soldiers
DA 4   King Nebuchadnezzar's hiatus
DA 5   The hand of God writes on the wall
MT 17:1-9   The transfiguration of Jesus (also in LK 9:28-36)
JN 12:27-30   God speaks to Jesus in front of a large crowd
AC 6:15   Stephen's face shines bright as an angel
AC 8:39-40   Phillip caught up
AC 19:11-12   Paul's handkerchiefs
AC 28:1-6   Shake off a poisonous snake bite
AC 13:6-12   The sorcerer at Paphos
1PE 3:18-20   Spirits in prison since Moses' day
2PE 2:10-11   Celestial beings/glorious ones?
JUDE 1:6   Another reference to angels in prison
JUDE 1:9   Michael confronts Satan (followup to DT 34:5-6)
More one liners worth remembering
PS 19:12-14   A prayer of David
1CH 4:10   The prayer of Jabez
JER 17:18   The prayer of Jeremiah
JOEL 2:11-12   God's plea through Joel
AM 5:4   God's plea through Amos
MIC 7:7-8   The prayer of Micah
ZEC 7:8-10   God's plea through Zechariah (followup ZEC 8:16-17 and compare to EX 22:22-24, PS 82:3-4, ISA 1:16-17, JER 7:5-7, JER 22:3, AM 5:14-15, ZEP 2:3, MIC 6:8, and JAM 1:27 and followup by Jesus in MT 23:23) [consider pulling this line out into it's own section: the dominant recurring theme of the prophets, and review the other books of the prophets for similar message]
MT 6:9-13   The Lord's model prayer (also LK 11:2-4) but JN 17 is the Lord's real prayer
PHP 1:9-11   The prayer of Paul
1JN 1:5   God is light
See also Summary highlights of how to be or not to be below.
Mission Statements
DT 18:20-22   Prophets, see also EZE 3:17-21, EZE 33:1-6, and JER 1:17-19
2CH 19:5-10   Judges, followup PR 24:23-25
PS 72   Kings (sort of) compare PS 101
MAL 2:7   Priests
Prayer changes things (this is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
'?   (List examples where God was planning one thing until a man of God asked otherwise.)
'?   Hezakiah
'?   Genesis 8, sort of
Good examples of voluntarily giving God glory in public
GE 41:14-16   Joseph & Pharoh (complete story of Joseph is GE 37, 39-50)
DA 3:13-19   Shadrack, Meshack, Abendigo & Nebuchadnezzar (complete story is DA 3)
JN 11:41-42   Jesus raises Lazarus (complete story is JN 11:1-45)
Anomalies (either just at first glance or really weird)
GE 6:3   120 years? Is this the time to the flood, a new lifespan limit, other? Anyone who tries can shoot these ideas down, so what does it mean?
GE 10:25   Curious comment about the earth. It's not clear if this is a geological reference or political. The timing is about right for the separation of Pangea into the continents.
GE 14:17-20   Melchizedek? (referenced PS 110:4, HEB 5-7)
GE 15:13-16   400 years but only 4 generations?
GE 32:22-32   Jacob/Israel claims to have seen the face of God yet the text only says "man"?
EX 4:24-26   God was going to kill Moses but Zipporah had a strange way of rescuing him
EX 19:23   God repeats himself?
EX 24:9-11   Moses and the elders see God (and more) but are not killed
1KI 22:24-25   A former prophet (at best) slaps a real prophet and gets condemned but we don't get the followup
2KI 13:18-19   A prophet having a bad day? This was probably intentional, even if it sounds strange after the fact
PS 139:15   We are formed in depths of Earth? Clearly this is not a biological reference, perhaps it is something else we are unaware of?
PS 127:1   A proverb of Solomon in Psalms?
EC 1:9   Nothing new?? What about the dozen references to "new" between the books of Isaiah and John? (Especially ISA 43:19, JER 31:31, EZE 12:21-25, MK 1:27, JN 13:34.) And then there's HAB 1:5, the virgin birth, God becoming flesh, God dying & resurrecting, and 2PE 3:4-7. Solomon was extremely concerned about finding his own meaning in life, independent from external sources, and his conclusion that there is no meaning apart from God lead him to despair, which is where he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes.
ISA 8:1-4   Was Isaiah the prophet married? (Not that this would have been wrong, this passage just reads a little weird.)
MT 4:4   We are not sustained by food but by words? (consider in light of DT 8:2-5, compare to JN 4:34)
MT 11:2-6   Blessed is the man who does not fall away because Jesus? (repeated LK 7:18-23, then consider MT 11:11 and LK 7:28)
MK 8:22-26   Jesus heals a man twice? (Most likely due to the man's half present faith, but if so then he is lucky to have been healed at all)
MK 9:29   We might be tempted to think "well yeah, so how's this different" but we may be assuming the disciples were fully indoctrinated Christians by this time, like Paul. Jesus may have said this to them because they were simply trying to command the demon out by their own power, rather than asking God to cast it out.
LK 1:24-25   Happy yet secluded?
LK 2:25-35   A sword will pierce her soul?
LK 4:28-30   Jesus nonchalantly slipped through a mob? (also JN 10:39, JN 12:36)
JN 1:21,25   Who is "the" prophet?
JN 4:34   Food/nourishment? (compare MT 4:4, LK 4:4, DT 8:3)
JN 4:54   His second sign, what was the first?
JN 6:53-58   He seems pretty serious about eating His flesh and drinking His blood
JN 8:59   Jesus cloaked?
JN 20:22   Jesus breaths on them? (compare to GE 2:7)
AC 16:6   Paul kept by the Spirit from preaching?
RO 9:13   God hated one of His earlier creations? Not really, we must backtrack what Paul is quoting (MAL 1:2-3). God was referring to the disobedient tribe, not the individual. Follow the story: GE 25:30, NU 20:14-21, NU 21:4 and OB 1:8-14
1CO 5:1-5   Hand over a non repentant believer to Satan so his sinful nature will be destroyed? (see The Message translation: 1CO 5:3-5)
1CO 9:5   Did Paul have a wife?
1CO 15:29   What's up with that middle part, baptism for the dead?
JAM 1:23-25   If this does not convict us then think about it again. It is saying we look in a mirror and we see ourselves, but our pride makes us think we look awesome when in reality we look like a mess. If we were taking our kids to a paid photo shoot and they had just eaten spaghetti really messily and their hair was blown all over and we said to them "go look in a mirror and clean yourself up" but when they looked at their reflection they just said "why" then any parent knows we would "educate" them in their error. Yet we do this every time we metaphorically look in a spiritual mirror. We can bet this annoys God.
JUDE 1:13   Dark matter?
REV 21:13   Why is it explained east, north, south, west? (Is there significance, maybe not?)
Foreign customs to 21st century "westerners"
GE 18:1-5,19:1-2   Abraham's and Lot's high respect for complete strangers visiting him
GE 27:28-40   Isaac's blessing was literal and he didn't repeal or augment when given to the wrong person
EX 29:7   Anointing with oil (also LEV 8:12, LEV 14:18,29, 1SA 10:1, PS 23:5, PS 133:1-2, PS 141:5, MT 6:17, LK 7:46)
PS 23:4   Rod & staff? (also PR 13:24, PR 22:15, others)
MT 21:2-5   Riding into town on a donkey? (also MK 11:2-7, LK 19:28-36, JN 12:14-16)
LK 1:24   Pregnant = seclusion 5 mo?
JN 10:34-36   Jewish declared gods? (reference to PS 82)
1CO 11:4-16   Head coverings for men and women
1CO 14:34-35   Women be silent in church
Acknowledged blatant violations by the modern church (this section has barely been started, here are initial concept ideas)
-sex out of marriage
-women pastors
-absolute truth
If Jesus didn't expect to convince everyone He met, why would I?
MT 8:34   His methods just rub some people the wrong way (full context here is MT 8:28-34)
MT 9:12-13   He came for the sinners, not the self righteous
MT 10:12-15   He tells His disciples to shrug off unbelievers and move on to the next town
MT 11:20-24   He didn't force conversion on everyone He met, some cities just didn't get it
MT 13   Multiple accounts of Jesus differentiating wicked and righteous people (with no reference to converting the wicked)
MT 15:12-14   He didn't waste time pressuring the leaders in hopes that getting them would cause a trickle down
MK 5:35-43   When people laughed at Him about Jairus' daughter being asleep he didn't debate them.
LK 8:11-15   Jesus explains the parable with the four kinds of soil
LK 10:6,10-11   Jesus warns his disciples of the kinds of receptions they will experience
JN 12:47-48   When He was here, he allowed people to make their own choices and He simply warned there would be consequences later
JN 18:37   Everyone who cares, not everyone
1CO 5:4-5   Paul recommended throwing an unrepentant believer to Satan, again in 1TI 1:19-20
...   ...
Judging (not judgment)
PS 75:2-10   God alone has the right
MT 7:1-5   Do not be judgmental (compare RO 2:1-11)
JN 1:14,17   Jesus brought grace and truth, not just one of these
JN 3:16-18   Jesus was sent 2,000 year ago to save the world, not bring judgment upon it (He will return and bring jugment, but not yet, compare JN 14:27)
JN 8:1-11   Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
JN 12:47-48   Christ does/will not judge us, even in our disobedience, until He returns again
RO 14:9-18   Since Christ is lord [not us] why judge each other?
1CO 4:3-5   Judge nothing, wait for Christ to return
1CO 5:9-13   God will deal with non-believers, so do not judge them, but for believers be very critical of explicit hypocrisy
Note 1: speaking of judgment, do we believe God when He says He is slow to anger & full of love (EX 34:6-7) and then later when He says why He came in the most famous verse in the Bible (JN 3:16-17). Consider the following examples where God withheld judgment (punishment) much longer than we likely would have:
  • Abraham, Sodom & Gamorah (GE 18:16-33)
  • Israel's nation wide disobedience & how many generations it took for God to exile them (...)
  • God restored his people after only two generations of exile (...)
  • God sent his Son knowing how He would be treated (...)
  • God has been holding back judgment just for our benefit (...)

Note 2: I have to remind my 5 year old 'you worry about you' all the time as she tattles on her sister who hasn't even done anything wrong. We think God has an obligation to explain everything to us, but He doesn't. Consider Jesus' response when
  • People are likely asking Jesus about the fate of the people who had a tower fall on them (LK 13:1-5),
  • Peter asks how John will die (JN 21:19-22),
Similarly, Jesus spoke in parables for a reason (MT 13:10-15, LK 10:21) which was so that we would think for ourselves (not to mention the Holy Spirit part).

Note 3: Avoiding being judgmental means we don't condemn people, but we must always use discernment and good judgment (MT 7:17-20, MT 10:16, LK 11:34-36)
End Times (the Last Days)
ISA 5:18-19   This is aimed at unbelievers/scoffers, but a good reminder for all
JOB 19:25   Jesus will reign over the planet
PS 21:8-12   A prayer calling for it rather than explicit prophecy
PS 50:1-6   God summons all humanity (really PS 50:1-23)
PS 102:25-26   The world/universe we know will be replaced
ISA 13:9-13   The stars (including the Sun and then the Moon) will go dark
ISA 24:1-23   The earth will be laid waste & devastated
ISA 26:19   The earth will give birth to her dead
ISA 32:1-8   No longer will the fool be called noble
ISA 34:1-4   The sky [will be] rolled up like a scroll
ISA 51:5-6   The sky will disappear and earth wear out like cloth
ISA 60   Darkness will cover the earth, except Jerusalem. Ships like clouds?
ZEC 2:1-5   Wall of fire around city
JER 49:34-39   In the last days the fortunes of the city of Elam will be restored
EZK 36:1-15   Refertilization of Israel
EZK 36:16-38   Exiles return and get a new dose of Spirit
EZK 37:15-28   Israel and Judah reunited with one leader
EZK 38-39   Gog attacks Israel but is thwarted by God and backfires (also in REV 20:1-9)
EZK 40-48   Vision of God's future temple
DAN 7   Four beasts
DAN 9:20-27   Seventy sevens
DAN 10-12   Northern and southern kingdoms continuously fight
JOEL 1-3   Locust plague, visions & dreams abound
JOEL 2:1-11,28-32   Wonders on heaven and earth, including sun going dark (also in JOEL 3:15-16)
AM 5:18-20   Don't wish it to happen sooner than later
MIC 4:1-7   A few insights
ZEP 1:2-6   God is mad, here is why
ZEC 14   Quite a description, the part about no light yet continuous day is most interesting to me
MAL 4:1-3   The wicked will be burned up and the righteous will tread upon them
MT 12:33-37   We will be held accountable for our speech on "judgment day"
MT 13:36-43,47-50   Good and evil people will have different fates
MT 16:27-28   Jesus will judge us by our deeds (could this be a reference to the resurrection rather than last days?)
MT 24:23-44   No one knows when Jesus will return except God the Father (also in AC 1:6-7 and 1TH 5:1-3)
MT 25:31-46   How we treat others during our time on Earth is extremely important
MK 13   Lots of stuff (compare LK 21:5-36) (though some of this refers to destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD)
LK 11:31-32   Unexpected judges
LK 13:22-30   It is important to know God personally and not enough to simply acknowledge His existence
LK 17:20-37   Signs, false signs and timing
LK 19:11-27   Investing (obedience) and consequences (disobedience)
AC 2:16-21   Did Peter think JOEL 2:28-32 was being fulfilled that day? The rest of Joel 2 seems to be more about the end times?
1CO 15:21-28   The end of the end (or the end of the beginning)
1CO 15:51-53   One of the passages used to support the concept of the "rapture" (see also 1TH 4:16-17)
1TH 4:13-5:11   Paul writes a whole letter for reassurance that (but not when) Jesus will return
2TH 1:7-10   Jesus will return in a blazing fire
1TI 4:1-5   People will turn away from their faith and follow demons
1TI 6:15   At the perfect time
2TI 3:1-9   People will love only themselves, money, be boastful and proud, scoff at God, disobedient to their parents and ungrateful.
2TI 4:3-4   Selective learning
1PE 4:7   The end is near, pray hard
2PE 3:3-13   The heavens will be lit on fire and our world will be caught up in the destruction. Scoffers will mock truth, follow their own desires, deny God's role in creation
REV 20:11-15   A second death and lake of fire
Future Times (new Heaven, new Earth, new bodies, life after death, etc.)
PS 84:10   Better than anything we can imagine
ISA 65:17-25   So wonderful we will not even think about the old world
ISA 66:22-24   We will worship God and see in horror those who rebelled against Him
DAN 12:2-3   Some go to heaven and some go to hell
MT 19:28-30   Least will be greatest, greatest will be least
MK 12:25   No marriage (also LK 20:34-36)
LK 16:19-31   The rich man and Lazarus
RO 8:23   New bodies
1CO 13:8-13   We will have unprecedented understanding of everything
1CO 15:35-55   Paul compares earthly and heavenly bodies to seeds that die and are raised to new life as something even greater
2CO 5:1-10   God will hand make new heavenly bodies for us
EPH 2:7   There will be multiple future ages
PHP 3:21   Another offhand matter of fact reference
1TH 4:13-5:11   Description of the resurrection of believers
2PE 3:13   Full of righteousness
1JN 3:2   He intentionally has not told us everything yet
REV 7:13-17   Serve God day and night, never go hungry or thirsty or get scorched by the heat of the sun
REV 21:1-7   The arrival of the new heaven and new earth
REV 21:22-22:5   The New Jerusalem with the river and trees of life

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