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What does Jesus say about himself?
MT 5:17   Came to complete the law, not replace it
MT 10:34-39   Did not come to bring peace but a sword (compare LK 12:49-53)
MT 11:28-30   Relieving, wise, gentile, humble, non-burdensome
MT 26:53-54   Could ask for Angles to protect Himself but chose sacrificial love
MT 28:18   Has complete authority everywhere
MK 1:38   Came to preach in many towns (compare LK 4:43)
MK 2:4-12   Possessed authority to forgive sins
MK 2:17   Came to help the acknowledged sick rather than the presumptuous healthy (compare LK 5:32 and JN 9:41)
MK 2:28   Ruler of the Sabbath
MK 10:45   Came to serve, not be served, and to be the sacrificial lamb of the world
MK 14:61-62   Messiah, the savior of Israel (compare LK 22:69-71 and JN 13:19)
LK 9:22   Must suffer, be rejected, murdered & return from the dead
LK 9:50   Don't stop other believers who don't believe every detail exactly the same way you do. Contrast this to MT 12:30 and LK 11:23 (and JAM 4:4) where Jesus says anyone who is indifferent (at best) to Him is actually working against Him.
LK 10:22   No one knows the Father except Himself
LK 12:13-15   Does not want to judge every detail of our lives
LK 14:25-27   He must be first in our lives/hearts
LK 18:31-33   Knew his earthly fate
LK 23:3   King of Jews
JN 3:13-17   Came to save rather than to judge, judgment would come later, and He knew how He would die (compare JN 12:47-48 and JN 12:32-33 & JN 18:31-32)
JN 4:26   Messiah (compare JN 8:24 and JN 9:35-37)
JN 5:16-30   Son of God (therefore equal to God, compare JN 10:30)
JN 5:39   Scriptures point to Himself
JN 6:15   Was not an earthly king
JN 6:35   Bread of life (complete story is JN 6:22-59, compare to MT 26:26-28, MK 14:22-24 and LK 22:19-20)
JN 7:16-18   Origin of & motive for his teaching
JN 8:12   Light of the world
JN 8:50-51   Humble to not self glorify but allow God to glorify, also His teaching is powerful enough to save our soul
JN 8:56-59   Equal to the great I AM (direct reference to EX 3:13-14)
JN 10:1-18   Good shepherd
JN 10:30   Equal with (same as) God
JN 14:6   No one gets to God without going through Him
JN 16:28   Came from God and returned to God (compare JN 17:4-5)
JN 18:9   No loose any of His followers (JN 6:39 & JN 17:12)
REV 22:12-13,16   He is returning, He is everything
What did the apostles say about Jesus?
JN 1:1-18,29-34   Lots of praises (Yes, JTB is not an apostle)
JN 3:27-36   Lots more praises
AC 2:36   Lord and Messiah
AC 4:11-12   Since the beginning, He was God's plan
AC 10:36-43   Supreme judge, forgives sins
AC 17:2-3   Messiah
RO 3:23-26   Sacrificed His life for our sin
RO 5   Contrasting Adam and Jesus
RO 6:9-10   Died, was raised from the dead, can not die again
RO 9:5   Descendent of Abraham
1CO 1:2   Makes us holy
EPH 1:21-23   Above all powers and everything
PHP 2:5-11   He humbled himself from God to slave so has been raised to heights of heaven
COL 1:15-22   Pre-existent and [to be everything]
1TI 2:5   The only mediator
TIT 2:13-14   He gave His life to free us and make us His own
HEB 1:1-13   (This section is packed and granted the author of this book is not clear)
HEB 2:6-3:6   Above all things, including Moses
HEB 4:15   Able to relate to us yet never sinned while with us (compare 1JN 3:5)
1PE 2:21-25   Never sinned and was still able to trust God for all judgment, even in the face of severe persecution
1PE 3:18-22   Suffered, died, resurrected, now seated in place of ultimate honor
1JN 3:3-5   Pure & sinless
1JN 4:14   Savior of the world
What does the Bible say about itself and what does God say about His word?
NUM 33:2   Commanded by God
DT 4:1-2   Listen & obey, don't change to meet our needs
DT 6:1-2   Contains a message from God, must be obeyed (taken seriously)
DT 29:29   Provided for our enlightenment and obedience
JOS 1:8   Study it, meditate on it
PS 12:6   Perfect
PS 18:30   Without error
PS 19:7-11   Makes the simple wise
PS 33:4   Remains true
PS 119:89   Eternal, exists in heaven and on Earth
PR 4:20-22   Life & health
PR 30:5-6   Always proves to be true
ISA 34:16   Read it
ISA 40:8   Lasts forever (repeated in LK 21:33 and 1PE 1:23-25)
ISA 55:10-11   Achieves the purpose for which it was sent
ISA 66:1-2   God will bless those who listen & obey
JER 23:29   Like a hammer that breaks rock in pieces
HOS 8:12   God declares the word His Word but is well aware that we disregard it
MT 5:18   Everything God says in His Word will happen
MT 22:43   Holy Spirit spoke through the authors (repeated AC 1:16 and AC 4:24-25, compare MK 12:36)
MK 13:31   More permanent than anything else we know
LK 6:47   Meant to cause noticeable change, not just verbal accolades (esp MSG trans)
LK 16:17   Can not be rescinded
JN 5:39-40   Knowing our Bible is good, but don't study for the sake of knowledge, study to understand and relate better to God (compare RO 2:13)
JN 10:35   What God says can't be avoided/altered/undone
JN 20:30-31   Why the gospels were written
1CO 1:17-18   Power of God to believers, foolishness to everyone else
1TH 2:13   Paul was either an idiot or a prophet but not likely both
2TI 3:14-16   God breathed, useful, teaching...
JAM 1:21   Can save our soul
HEB 4:12   Sharper than any double edge sword
2PE 1:19-21   Prophecies were not written by the will of men
2PE 3:15-16   Divinely inspired, and don't alter it
1JN 5:10   If we do not believe then we are calling God a liar (see 1JN 5:9-12)
REV 1:3   Blessed are those who read & hear (compare DT 8:3, MT 4:4 and LK 4:4)
REV 22:18-19   Don't add or subtract or else we will die
One book perhaps more important than the Bible
EX 32:32-33   Moses may have known about it before the rest of us
PS 69:28   David knew about it
MAL 3:16   A scroll of remembrance? Similar to but different from Lambs Book of Life?
LK 10:19-20   Jesus mentions a writing in Heaven
PHIL 4:3   Paul spoke of it only in passing
REV 3:5   John mentions it a few times, beginning here
REV 13:8   Finally a description
REV 17:8   Another supernatural connection to us
REV 20:12-15   Why we should do whatever God says, and then some, to be sure we are listed in this book
REV 21:27   Chapter 20 has the negative reason why we want to be listed, this is the positive reason
Contradictory perceptions of God
PS 2:12   Angry to those who deny Him, compassionate on those who seek Him
PS 18:25-27   Faithful, blameless and pure to the good, shrewd and humbling to the bad
PS 37:33-34   Protection/success for the godly, thwarting/destruction for the wicked
PS 68:1-3   Fear for those who hate God, rejoicing for the godly
PS 94:22-23   Source of protection for some, destruction for others
PS 107:42   Rejoicing for the godly, silence for the wicked
PR 3:34   Opposition to the proud, grace to the humble (quoted JAM 4:6 and 1PE 5:5)
PR 10:29   Stronghold to people with integrity, destruction to wicked people
PR 12:2   Approval of people who are good, condemnation of people who even plan to be wicked
PR 14:2   Righteous fear Him, the rest despise Him
PR 15:25   Destroys proud, protects widows
PR 15:29   Far from the wicked, listens to the righteous
PR 21:15   Joy to the good, terrifying to the bad (this verse is talking about justice)
PR 29:27   Good and bad do not like each other (this verse is talking about people)
1SA 2:30b   Honor to the respectful, disdain to the arrogant
2SA 22:26-28   Attractive to righteous, hostile to wicked
MAL 4:1-2   Arrogant will burn, reverent will frolic
JN 3:18-21   Believers will escape a form of judgment but not those who do not believe
JN 8:47   Believers listen to God, non believers do not (again talking about people)
2CO 2:14-16   Life to believers, death to non believers (again talking about people)
TIT 1:15   Purity is real for the believer but unattainable for the non believer (again talking about people)
Truth versus virtue (Do our beliefs matter?)
MT 21:28-32   Jesus contrasts the false positive and the false negative
LK 12:35-48   Jesus contrasts those who know but don't care and those who know and act accordingly
Attitude is [almost] everything (just a start)
EX 13:17-21   (perhaps not best vs?) they had pillars and mana as daily evidence of G but still wondered (see EX 14:12, NUM 11, NUM 14:3)
JOEL 2:13   conform your will more important than your appearance
JN 3:26   We're so tempted to believe "I'm right & best no matter what," even if my mentor tells me the savior of the world is right over there
JN 4:11-12   (weak connection?) Cultures
Dealing with Satan
GE 3   He was the first and is still the master at the lie that's based on a lot of truth, we must be very careful
ZEC 3:1-2   Don't try to rebuke/correct/criticise him directly, ask God to do so
JUDE 1:9   Even the strongest angel didn't rebuke Satan directly but rather asked God to, and remember angels are stronger than people 2PE 2:11
[Some of] the promises of God
EX 19:5-6   Obey God and be a treasure to Him
EX 23:20-31   Worship God and prosper (most of this was for a specific time, but some of it can be generalized)
LEV 26   Obey God and prosper
DT 28-30   Choice of obedience or negligence, bringing prosperity or disaster (followup HOS 4:6)
1KI 8:56   All promises get fulfilled
PS 89:3-4,19-37   David's decedents would be kings
JER 17:21-27   Obey the Sabbath and endure
JER 22:4-5   Obey God's commands for political prosperity
JER 29:11-13   God has an amazing plan for us (compare to 1CO 2:7-9 and ISA 64:4)
JN 14:15-17   Company of the Holy Spirit (see also JN 15:26 and JN 16:8,13)
JN 14:27   Personal peace
Spiritual gifts
RO 12:6-8   Prophecy, service, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership and mercy
1CO 12:4-11   Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophesy, discernment, tongues and interpretations
1CO 12:27-31   Apostles, prophecy, teaching, miracles, healing, helps, leadership, tongues and interpretations
1CO 14   Tongues, interpretations and prophecy
EPH 4:11-12   Apostles, prophecy, evangelism, pastoring and teaching
1PE 4:10-11   Speaking, helping others
GE 1:29-30   Every green plant for food
GE 9:1-4   Every living thing for food
LEV 3:17   Do not eat fat or blood
LEV 7:22-27   Reinforcement of 3:17
LEV 11:1-47   Distinguishing between animals that may be eaten and those that may not (for reasons of cleanliness, repeated in DT 14:1-21)
LEV 17:10-16   More on not eating blood
LEV 19:23-25   Timing of eating fruit from new trees
LEV 25:1-12   Harvesting & jubilee
NUM 6:1-4   Restricted foods for those especially separated for the Lord
EC 9:10   God approves of us eating and drinking wine
DAN 1:3-16   Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego eat only vegetables
MT 10:42   Cold water
MK 7:14-23   What comes out of us defiles us, not what we put in, so any food is officially spiritually acceptable (compare MT 15:15-20)
LK 10:8   As the disciples were being sent out Jesus tells them to eat anything that is presented to them and not worry about the regulations of the law
AC 10:9-16   Do not call anything impure that God has made clean
RO 14:1-4,14:14-15:3   When exercising the right to eat anything, consider the consciences of others not just our own
1CO 8   More on being considerate of the conscience of others
1CO 10:25-31   Still more on the conscience of others
1CO 15:39   Various kinds of flesh
1TI 4:1-5   God created all food to be enjoyed with thanksgiving
HEB 13:8-9   Strength comes from God, not rules
Stories where animals played a significant role
GE 1:20-25   God's creation of all animals
GE 3:1-15   The serpent in the Garden of Eden
GE 6:11-8:22   Noah and the ark
GE 9:8-15   Animals are included in God's covenant
NUM 22:21-35   Balaam's talking donkey
2KI 2:23-24   Bears come at Elisha's command
PS 148:7-13   Animals sing praises
EC 3:18-21   When animals die
JOB 38:39-39:30   God asks Job about many animals
ISA 11:6-9,65:25   Lion and the Lamb
DAN 6   Daniel and the lions' den
JHN 1:1-2:10   Jonah and the great fish
MT 8:28-34   Jesus sends demons into pigs (also in MK 5:1-17 and LK 8:26-39)
MT 21:1-11   Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey
AC 28:1-6   Paul shakes off a poisonous snake bite
GE 4:7   Sin wants to have us, but we must overcome (compare to NUM 32:23, PR 5:22-23, RO 6:11-23 and RO 8:12-13, then JN 8:32)
JDG 17:6   People did what seemed right in their own eyes (repeated JDG 21:25)
1KI 20:35-36   What God says we need to do (no matter how strange)
ISA 5:18-19   This is aimed at unbelievers/scoffers, but a good reminder for those of us waiting on the second coming
PS 36:1-4   The result of nonchalant sin
PS 127:1   If we are going to act alone (pretending we don't need God) then don't bother (compare PR 16:25)
PR 4:14-15   Don't even think about sinning
PR 13:3   Be cautious of self destructive speech (compare JAM 3:1-12)
PR 17:5   An alternate version of the golden rule
PR 24:17-18   Be cautious venting happiness even at our enemy's stumbling
PR 25:15,18   Sticks and stones can break our bones and names will scar for life
PR 26:24-26   Looks are deceiving
PR 21:13   Rude/stingy people do not get their prayers answered (compare PR 28:9, contrast JAM 5:16)
EC 9:11   The key to success
ISA 44:6-20   Do not make idols, that is stupidity
ISA 50:11   Self sufficiency (supposed autonomy from God)
JER 7:9-11   Don't kid ourselves that going to church on Sunday is going to save us if we sin like crazy the rest of the week
EZK 18:26   Turn from righteousness and die
MIC 3:9-12   Christians & Jews beware the temptation to get prideful in our faith
ZEC 7:13   Listen to God or He will not listen to us (duh)
MAL 3:5   God will put some people on trial and speak against them
MT 5:28   We can commit adultery without laying a finger on someone
MT 5:47   Don't just be nice to those who are nice to us first
MT 6:15   Forgive or we won't be forgiven (compare MK 11:25-26)
MT 7:21   Talk is cheap, back it up with actions
MT 8:11-12   Do not fall into the trap of "civilized" religion (see also MT 7:6)
MT 10:32,33   If we deny Jesus before men then he will deny us before God
MT 12:31-32   The unforgivable sin (repeated MK 3:28-29 and LK 12:8-10, see also 1JN 5:16-17)
JN 16:9   Short, to the point complaint of God for humanity
AC 7:51-8:1   If speak the truth be prepared to be hated, persecuted and murdered (see also John 5:1-15, JN 9:32-34, AC 13:42-45, AC 14:1-7, and AC 14:18-20)
AC 10:15   What God says goes
RO 2:1-4   We are all sinners (compare to the more common verse in RO 3:21-24)
RO 14:20-21   Be careful of others' weaknesses
RO 16:17-18   Watch out for malicious teachers
1CO 10:19-22   False gods are actually demons
1CO 11:26-30   Do not take communion with a wrong heart (compare to EX 12:43-45)
1CO 16:22   Paul is pretty blunt
HEB 10:26-31   Non-repentant sin
JAM 1:5-8   Doubt is very bad (questioning without doubt is ok)
JAM 2:10   It's like hanging on a chain, we fall just the same if one or all links break
JAM 2:19   Simply acknowledging God exists does us no good for salvation
JAM 3:1   God holds teachers to a higher standard of virtue
JAM 4:4   We must choose between God and the world, do not kid ourselves that we can compromise and make both happy!!!
JAM 4:17   If we know we should do good but don't, then that is one kind of sin
JAM 5:12   Be true to our word rather than giving oaths
1JN 2:15-16   Do not love the world
1JN 4:1-3   Demons lie (and are really good at it!) so know how to test them or risk being deceived
1JN 4:19-21   Don't underestimate the importance of the second commandment, especially don't kid ourselves that we can neglect it in favor of the first
1JN 5:10   If we do not believe then we are calling God a liar (see 1JN 5:9-12)
2JN 1:10-11   Don't encourage theological inaccuracy
REV 14:9-11   When Satan declares war he will use people as pawns and they will be eternally punished for believing the lie, so don't be deceived!
Things to Remember
DT 5:32   Our faith journey is like a road, not like a mountain (compare DT 17:11, DT 17:20, DT 28:14, JOS 1:7, JOS 23:6, 2KI 22:2, 2CH 34:2, PR 4:27, ISA 30:21, use non-NLT)
DT 8:2-5   God gives bread the capacity to satisfy, it is not self present (quoted MT 4:1-4)
DT 8:10-20   Do not get complacent in our prosperity
1SA 8:4-9   Israel requests a king (defiance/rejection of DT 33:5)
2SA 22:21   Always do right
2KI 21:9   How quickly we can degrade
1CH 21:13   David would rather fall into the hands of an upset God than of any man
JOB 14:4   Don't think we can
PS 4:8   [Little] comfort on a sleepless night
PS 11:3   Ken Ham's (Answers in Genesis) mantra (followup JN 3:12, see also 1CH 12:32)
PS 23   One of those super famous chapters (followup PS 27)
PS 37:16   Perspective
PS 46:10   Ultimate comfort (regardless of circumstance)
PS 79:12-13   God has heard it before and He will hear it again, so don't blame Him if He doesn't seem to believe us (repeated PS 80:17-18)
PS 97:10   Love God, hate evil
PS 106:3   Do what is right because it is right
PS 121:2   In need or especially in prosperity, remember who to look to
PS 131   Don't be overly concerned with philosophy
PR 6:32   Don't destroy ourselves
PR 10:12   Love is the best argument or bandaid
PR 14:4   Without other people we can organize our lives real well, but sooner or later we'll need other people
PR 16:2   God looks at the heart
PR 16:18   Another super famous verse
PR 19:3   If we are going to get mad at God, do it because He gave us a free will and didn't make us puppets
PR 25:11   There is such a thing as good criticism
PR 27:14   You morning people!!!
PR 29:26   True justice comes from God, not the king
EC 3:16   It was a problem 3,100 years ago just like it is today (compare to HAB 1:4)
ISA 1:16-17   A plea to sinners (compare to JAM 1:27)
ISA 44:6-22   Idols are foolishness, they're made of the same stuff we use to cook with, how could they do anything for us, let alone save us?
ISA 51:7-8   Cherish God's word, do not be afraid of [inevitable] scorn
ISA 59   Why there is evil in the world if God exists
ISA 64:4-8   We are the clay, He is the potter
ISA 66:1-4   Heaven is His throne, earth is his footstool, what we sacrifice is not as important as our worship & obedience (reference PS 50:9-15)
JER 9:23-24   What we may boast about (see also 1CO 1:31)
JER 29:11   God has a plan for each of us
JER 31:27-34   God's strategic plan (see also EX 9:16, EPH 1:9-10, EPH 3:9-11, COL 1:25-27, 2TI 1:9-10, HEB 8:7-13 and 1JN 2:27)
AMO 9:7-10   God has been at work on behalf of others besides Israel
HAB 1:5   Be amazed and die (repeated in AC 13:41)
MT 20:1-16   God is gracious & merciful but not fair (compare LK 12:48)
LK 6:38   When life is soo boring, we've forgotten or denied this (esp MSG trans)
LK 12:4-5   Who to fear (compare PR 1:7 and 1JN 4:18)
LK 17:1-4   Temptation
LK 17:7-10   Do what is right because it is right, not for a reward
LK 19:23-26   God is a capitalist
LK 24:21   A wrong paradigm resulted in wrong understanding (also LK 19:21 and AC 7:57-8:1)
JN 9:32-34   Great example of why the world hates us: sometimes we make too much sense but we contradict their paradigms (beware of MT 7:6 and compare to AC 7:51-8:1 mentioned above)
JN 15:18-25   The world hated Jesus so expect them to hate us too/even more (also JN 16:1-4)
JN 17:20-26   The Lord's real prayer (contrast to the Lord's model prayer in MT 9:6-13 and LK 11:2-4)
RO 1:20   There is no excuse for not knowing God (compare PS 19:1-4, AC 14:15-17 and AC 17:22-31)
1CO 2:1-5   The spirit is all we need to witness about our faith (compare 1TH 2:3-6)
1CO 4:7   All we have is from God
1CO 6:1-8   Do not sue other believers
1CO 10:13   Reassurance of/from temptation
1CO 13   Love is a verb, not a noun
2CO 7:8-11   There are two kinds of sadness: godly and worldly, with two very different results
2CO 12:8-9   God's grace is sufficient for us, His grace shines in our weakness
GAL 6:3   Do not get conceited/ complacent
GAL 6:7-9   God is sovereign, not us
EPH 5:6-14   We are supposed to be different
PHP 1:20-25   Paul's live or die line
PHP 4:6-7   Don't be anxious, have peace
COL 3:1-4   Keep focused on the right things (see also 1TI 4:7-11)
1TI 1:15-16   A trustworthy saying & prime example
1TI 2:1-7   Prayer is good, peace is good, this is why Jesus came
1TI 3:16   Summary of the Christian faith
1TI 5:24-25   Obvious and subtle
2TI 1:7   What we have
2TI 4:7-8   The goal
HEB 3:6-14   Don't be impatient with God
HEB 10:25   Go to church and/or Bible study
HEB 13:7,17   Remember and obey our pastor
JAM 4:10   To excel, be humble (compare 1PE 5:6 and the Beatitudes)
JAM 4:13-16   Don't boast of our own plans (see also gospel?)
JAM 4:17   The moment we understand what God is saying to us, that is the moment we are supposed to act
1PE 3:15-16   Individual witness (followup to great commission)
1PE 5:7   The great Comforter
1JN 3:16   Reminder of true "true love"
1JN 4:11   Simple logic to live by
1JN 5:3   Obedience to God is not really that difficult
1JN 5:21   Avoid temptation
REV 19:10   How angels should act when we get confused (compare REV 22:8-9)
The correct attitude toward inevitable suffering
JN 17:15   We are not excused from suffering, we are expected to have peace about the outcome
PHP 1:28-30   Another perspective on expecting suffering for Christ
2TI 1:11-12   Another perspective on suffering for Christ
2TI 3:12   Plan on it
JAM 1:2-4   Perseverance has a perfect point
1PE 3:13-17   The bright side of suffering
1PE 4:4-5   We all answer to God for our actions
1PE 4:12-16   Why would we not want persecution
1JN 3:13   Expect it
REV 13:9-10,14:12-13   It is part of God's plan, so it must happen
Concerning suffering (the opposite of comfort, which requires health) it is critical to understand God's perspective that our spiritual wholeness and the health of our eternal soul is infinitely more important than the comfort of our earthly bodies. Remember that all healing, even done by Jesus, is only temporary. We all die, but more important than when or how is what happens next.
The burden of being stronger
RO 14:1-15:3   Food
1CO 8:8-13   Food
1CO 9:20-23   Sensitive to culture
1CO 10:23-33   Put others ahead of ourselves
God Fights for Israel
EX 14:10-31   Crossing the Red Sea
JOS 6:20-21   Conquering Jericho
JDG 7   God & Gideon's army of 300
1SA 4:1-11   The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, pt1
1SA 5-6   The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, pt2
1SA 7:7-11   The Lords voice thunders from heaven
1SA 14:1-23   Jonathan and his armor-bearer attack over 9,000 Philistines (see 1SA 13:1-7 for the setup)
2SA 6:1-7   The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, pt3 (compare 1CH 13)
1KI 8:1-11   The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, pt4 (compare 2CH 5, concluded REV 11:19)
2KI 3:20-27   God sends a miracle to create enemy confusion
2KI 6:8-7:20   God warns the people when and where they will be attacked (includes the innumerable chariots of fire protecting Elisha)
2KI 19:35   The angel of the Lord kills 185,000 invaders (complete story is 2KI 18:13-19:37 and also told in 2CH 32:9-22.)
2CH 13:13-18   Judah on the defensive from Israel
2CH 14:8-15   The Lord strikes down the Cushites
2CH 20:1-30   God causes the invading armies of Edom to kill themselves
PS 44:1-7   Recap of what God did from a Jewish perspective
EZK 38:1-39:24   War of Gog and Magog
Do we believe God when He says all vengeance is His (DT 32:35) and that He will take care of doubters (DT 18:18-19)? David did even after God had promised him to be king and yet the incumbent king and every king around was trying to murder him (PS 35). This doesn't mean we are pacifists (see controversial topic above) but does mean there's a difference between purging evil and getting revenge (RO 12:19-21). If we don't know the difference then we need to read our Bible more and ask God for discernment.

Also, this is neither an absolute nor a promise. These verses are examples that He can if He wants and sometimes does, but we shouldn't use that as an excuse for laziness (EX 14:15).
Sometimes God blesses us for His sake, not ours (just a start)
RO 2:24   We have a tendency to dishonor God yet He doesn't immediately silence us (quoting ISA 52:5, EZE 36:20-22)
Miracles just for the sake of God's glory or demonstrating his power
GE 1:1-2:4   Creation
GE 41:45,54-55   There was a famine on half the continent for seven years just to get Joseph's brothers to bow down to him and repent
EX 19:16-20   God descends on Mount Sinai
EX 13:21-22   Pillar of cloud by day, fire by night
1KI 18   Elijah's contest at Mount Carmel
1KI 19:1-18   Elijah at Sinai with God
2KI 20:1-11   The Sun goes backwards (also in ISA 38:1-8)
2CH 7:3   God christens his temple (commissioned by Solomon)
DAN 6   Daniel and the lions' den
MT 8:23-27   Jesus calms the storm
MT 9:1-8   Jesus heals a paralyzed man
MT 9:32-33   Jesus casts out a demon
MT 27:50-54   Earthquake, temple curtain & reincarnations at time of Jesus' death (also MK 15:37-39 and LK 23:45)
MK 16:9   Jesus rises from the dead
LK 24:50-52   Jesus rises to Heaven
JN 9   Jesus gives sight to a man born blind
JN 11:1-45   Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead after 4 days
Note: miracles are easy to dismiss (ignore) after they happen, but that doesn't mean they're insignificant.
National accountability/leadership
DT 17:14-20   Instructions for the king
JOS 7   One man's sin committed in secret almost ruined the entire nation, it certainly ruined those 3 dozen families (see background JOS 6:17-19,21,24)
1SA 12:14,24-25   Importance of national obedience
2SA 23:3-4   Positive reinforcement
2CH 26:3-5   Obedience brings success
2CH 34:23-28   Delay of judgment because of repentance
PS 2   God will laugh (at our futility), get angry and correct us if we choose our own path
PS 20:6-9   God, not instruments of war, brings victory (this does not mean those instruments are not a part of what it means to be at war, but it means we need to remember perspective of what causes victory.)
PS 33:10-12   Apart from God we can not succeed
PS 67:4-5   God is a good (the best) ruler
PS 76:11-12   He can and will "break" us, it is best to let Him do it sooner than later
PS 81:8-16   Why God is frustrated
PS 96:7-10   What it looks like
PS 124   A recount of how glad the king was after the fact (consider that long term victory in Christ "feels" infinitely better than the temporary pleasure gained by committing any sin)
PR 11:14   Knowledge (and even more so wisdom) is power
PR 14:34-35   Fearing/following God makes a nation great
PR 28:2   When society looses its morals, the government does too
PR 29:4,12   Like a rudder steers a boat
See also controversial topic on Government Submission above.

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