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Closer Looks

Is the Bible Relevant Today?
Ahead of Science
GE 2:24   2 people becoming 1 flesh (conception was not biologically understood until ?)
GE 6:14-16   The design God gave to Noah to build the ark (6:1 length:width ratio) are still used in modern ship building today ( By the way it had a cargo capacity of over 500 box cars.
LEV 13-14   Dealing with diseases (germs were not discovered by the western world until the mid 16-17th centuries)
LEV 14:8   Bathing suggestions are mentioned 22 times in Leviticus and Numbers
LEV 17:11-14   God tells us that the blood is a major component of life but blood letting was common in the west until the 1600's and it wasn't until the 1900's that the circulatory system was understood (repeated DT 12:23)
JOB 28:25   Weight of wind (esp AMP or KJV) discovered in 1643 barometer, 1648 Pascal altimeter, 1657 volume of air reduces with pressure, weight of air is about 14 pounds per square inch in all directions
JOB 37:15   Existence of the Hydrologic (Water) Cycle (see wikipedia for definition) which wasn't documented by the West until around the 1500's and by the Far East as early as 500 BC. See also EC 1:7, PS 135:7, ISA 55:10 and JER 51:16)
JOB 38:24   (esp AMP or KJV, light parted/divided) 1665 Isaac Newton 42 degrees angle of refraction
ISA 40:22   The circle of the earth (heliocentrism was not given credit by the western world until the mid 17th century, consider also PS 103:12)
Origin of Traditions
7 day week: GE 1:1-2:3 (reinforced in EX 20:8-11, EX 23:12, EX 31:14-17, EX 34:21, EX 35:1-3, LEV 23:3 and DT 5:12-15)
Human supremacy: GE 1:26-28
Diet/nutrition: GE 1:29-30 (plants) GE 9:1-4 (meat) LEV 3:17 (no fat or blood)
Gardening: GE 2:15
Marriage: GE 2:24
Clothes: GE 3:6-14
Birth labor being a pain: GE 3:16
Work being a pain: GE 3:17-19
Various standards of morality: EX 20:1-17 (the 10 commandments) EX 21:1-23:13 (fairness, crime, justice) LEV 18-20 (perversion, holiness) LEV 24:17-22 (eye for an eye) LEV 25:1-12 (jubilee)
Editors note: The 'law' was given at a time when the recipients had just been freed from hundreds of years of earthly bondage. It was not given to help them free themselves, they were already free! It was to inform them how to live to prolong their freedom. Not as arbitrary stipulations of a ritualistic God, but as insight into a form of "source code" of how people were designed to live (LEV 25:18-19), or in some cases just a way to differentiate God's people from the rest of the world (LEV 20:24-26, NUM 23:9). Even still its ultimate intent was actually far greater (see Law, Faith & Deeds above, especially RO 3:19-28).
Scapegoats: LEV 16:7-10
The Golden Rule: MT 7:12, LK 6:27-31, MT 5:38-41
Leaders in the Church
  Deacons: 1TI 3 (also mentioned in PHP 1:1)
  Elders: 1PE 5:1-9 (also mentioned over a hundred times elsewhere)

The 10 Commandments   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
See EX 19-20:20 & DT 5 and related EX 31:18-34:35, related DT 6, DT 9-10:5.

Commandment   Memory Key   Comments See also verses  

1 One
2 Taboo no idols
3 Vanity name & reputation linked, misuse ~ disconnected
4 Church door Sabbath EX 31:12-18, JER 17:21-27, MT 12:1-13
5 Alive murder MT 5:21-26
6 6 feed under hate
7 7 year itch lust MT 5:27-30
8 Go straight steel
9 Malign lie
10 Perfect 10 covet
  • First four are about our relationship with God, last six are about our relationship with others.
  • What is the point? (Paul tells this informs us of sin, not makes us good)
  • What can we do then? (GAL 5:22-23)
  • Most important commandment? (MT 22:34-40 and MK 12:28-34, quoting DT 6:5 and LEV 19:18)
  • Why did Jesus come, what was his core message that was worth brutal murder before His resurrection? (Besides JN 3:16.) We should love God and love people. However radical, this wasn't a new idea. He was summarizing the first 4 and last 6 of the 10 commandments. Those were hand delivered by the God of creation, who was the same God in the Old Testament, New Testament and today.

Special numbers to the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
1    DT 6:4
3    MT 28:19
7    Completion
40    GE 7:4 (followup GE 7:12, GE 7:17, GE 8:6) The rains came down for 40 days and nights.
EX 16:35 (followup DT 2:7, DT 8:2-4, DT 29:5, NEH 9:21, AM 2:10, AM 5:25, ACT 7:36-42, HEB 3:9) The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years after being freed from slavery.
EX 24:18 (followup EX 34:28, DT 9:9-10:10) Moses talked with God for 40 days on Mt Sinai.
NUM 13:25 (followup NUM 14:33-34, NUM 32:13, JOS 5:6, PS 95:10, ACT 13:18, HEB 3:17) They spy on Canaan 40 days then when they doubt God's ability to deliver it to them they are punished to wander the desert another 40 years.
DT 25:3 (followup 2CO 11:24) Punishments for a fellow Israelite must not exceed 40 lashes.
JOS 14:7-10 Joshua was 40 years old when he spied on Cannan in NUM 13 and 85 by the time they're done conquering it, that works out just right for both sets of 40 years to be literal.
JDG 3:11 (also JDG 5:31, JDG 8:28, JDG 13:1, 1SA 4:18) There were a few period of 40 years of peace or oppression during the time of the judges.
1SA 13:1 (also 1KI 14:21, 1KI 15:10, 2KI 2:24, 2KI 10:14, 2KI 14:23, 2CH 12:13, 2CH 16:13, JN 2:20, REV 13:5) If the number 40 were essentially a euphamism then why would it not be applied correctly here?
1SA 17:16 Golliath taunted Isarel for 40 days.
2SA 2:10 (also 2SA 5:4, 1KI 2:11, 1KI 11:42, 2KI 12:1, 1CH 29:27, 2CH 9:30, 2CH 24:1, ACT 13:21) Some of the kings had 40 year reigns, including David and Solomon.
1KI 19:8 David travels 40 days and nights from Jerusalem to Mt Horeb.
2KI 8:9 Forty loads of loot are sent to the prophet Elisha.
NEH 5:15 The remaining Israelites are taxed $40 plus food & wine after their comrads are exiled.
EZE 29:11-13 Egypt will be punished 40 years.
JNH 3:4 Jonah preached 40 days until destruction for the Ninevites.
MT 4:2 (also MT 4:2, MK 1:13, LK 4:2)
ACT 1:3 Jesus was with witnesses for 40 days after His ressurection.
ACT 7:23-30 Moses was 40 before he dared to mingle with his own people and he spent his own 40 years in exile.

Verse counts for each of the Apostles   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
Apostles are defined in MT 10:2-4, MK 3:16-19, and LK 6:13-16.

Peter 178
John 161
Simon 73 Note there was Simon Peter and Simon the Zealot
Philip 42
Judas 42
James 38
Andrew 13
Thomas 11
Matthew 6
Bartholomew 4
Matthias 3
Thaddaeus 2
(Perhaps split by gospels, acts, and other?)

Breakdown of Proverbs   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
4 Kinds of Proverbs
Synonymous (two similar ideas) PR 11:19
Antithetical   (two opposite ideas) PR 10:17
Synthetic (additive) PR 29:5
Comparative (explain life) PR 26:14
4 Kinds of People
Discerning   PR 1:5
Foolish PR 1:7
Simple PR 1:4
Wise PR 1:5-6

Precedence for the Trinity
The theological "trinity," or Godhead, is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, especially in context of the verses listed in the controversial topic on The Trinity (above). Is there any reason to believe such a triune entity could exist? Let's look at a few things He created:
Mater Space Time
Solid Length Past
Liquid Width Present
Gas Height Future

If we're so bad then why doesn't God just...   (this section is just an idea so far, here are my initial concept notes)
  • ...start over? He already did that once. Remember Noah?
  • himself to me? He already did and it doesn't help. Remember Jezebel and the demonstration she saw on Mt Carmel? Remember what the people of Jesus' day got to see? His appearance 2,000 year ago was adequate personal visitation once for all.
  • ...correct me? He's trying but we're just not paying attention. Remember that God is obsessed with free will but that doesn't make it more important than holiness.

My personal studies in Genesis

Seven Days of Creation
Day 1  GE 1:1-5   God created the Earth as a formless, empty, dark, mass of water. In addition God created light, but also allowed darkness, thereby allowing night and day.Note there are no stars and therefore no Sun yet, and the world was water first, not dust & gas.
Day 2  GE 1:6-8   God separated water below from water above, thereby creating the sky.Note, could this water have been dropped to Earth in the great flood?
Day 3  GE 1:9-13   God created dry land and formed the specific seas. Then he invented seed bearing plants, including trees.Note there is still no Sun.
Day 4  GE 1:14-19   God created the stars, as well as two great lights (the Sun and Moon).
Day 5  GE 1:20-23   God created water creatures and birds.
Day 6  GE 1:24-2:1   God created land creatures, then Adam and then Eve.Note, God made male and female in one verse. It is not until three verses later that it says there was the sixth day, so they must have been made on the same day.
Day 7  GE 2:2-3   God rested.Note, this is not an exhaustion rest, but a sit back and enjoy rest.

Other passages that describe what happened at the dawn of time:
GE 2:4-3:24   More detail on Adam & Eve and their disobedience
EX 31:12-17   Six 24 standard hour time periods for creation is built into the 4th of the 10 Commandments
JOB 38:1-38   An eyewitness account of creation from a different perspective
ISA 14:12-15   Satan attempted to overthrow God
ISA 48:12-13   Laying the foundations
EZE 28:11-19   Satan's background
MT 19:4   Male & female he made (not evolved) them in the beginning (not years later) (repeated in MK 10:6)
JN 1:1-5   It is even in a gospel
HEB 11:1-3   It was never meant to make sense, if it did we would not need faith
2PE 2:4-9   Angels were sent to hell for sinning (also references the world wide flood and other Genesis stories)
REV 12:1-9   Angels & demons war
Read my 'Creation vs Evolution FAQ' spinoff page...

Male Headship
Many Americans are uncomfortable with the concept of male headship. Possibly because of all the media coverage (mostly from make-believe sitcoms and so-called "reality" TV) that make men look so stupid. But let's count the reasons this doctrine is true.

GE 2:7   (1) God makes Adam first
GE 2:18   (2) God says Adam needs a helper
GE 2:19   Reminder that every animal was made from the dust of the ground
GE 2:20   Adam names all the animals, possibly to prove none of them are suitable helpers
GE 2:21   (3) God creates Eve from Adam (not from dust) while Adam's asleep (otherwise Adam would have taken at least partial credit)
GE 2:22   (4) God brings Eve to Adam (compare to how subjects and visitors are escorted to visit kings, not the other way around)
GE 2:23   (5) Adam names the female gender (anyone who gets to name something is it's master)
GE 3:16   (6) Eve cursed to be ruled by her husband
GE 3:17-19   (7) Adam's curse applies to Eve but Eve's doesn't apply to Adam
GE 3:20   (8) Adam names his wife Eve
GE 3:22-24   (9) God only refers to Adam in this final and immediate portion of the curse, so it's understood that Eve is subordinate and therefore also affected

Since Eve was made from Adam (not the dust of the ground like all other animals) she has a special version of equality with Adam not shared by any other creature. Note the general theme with the curse that the buck stopped with Adam because he was in charge, and because he slipped up all of creation suffers. Now lets look at the new testament to get a picture of what headship means.

1CO 11:3   The hierarchy
1CO 11:7-12   Woman from (and for) man, man from woman
EPH 5:23   Another hierarchy
1TI 2:12-14   Paul's comment about women teaching or having authority over men and why
?   Some verse(s) about Jesus giving his life for the church (compare TIT 2:14)

Genesis: the origin of...
Obvious physical things

Observable realities

Moral standards


·dinosaur (and most other) fossils
·hand tools
·musical instruments
·eating & diets
·labor is painful
·life spans
·people cover the globe
·reproductive pattern (biogenesis)
·work is hard work
·human supremacy & responsibility
·men relationship to women
·need for savior
·separation from God
·women relationship to men
·human attraction to gardening/ care taking
·most animals fear (avoid attacking) humans
·Satanic influences

24/6! ... 24/7 ~ Genesis 1-11!

My brief outline of Genesis
GE 1:1-2:4   Creation, general
GE 2:4-25   Creation, emphasis on Adam
GE 3   The fall of man
GE 4   Cain & Abel
GE 5   The early descendents of Adam & Eve
GE 6:1-8   Briefing on current events
GE 6:9-9:17   Noah and the global flood
GE 9:18-10:32   The early descendents of Noah
GE 11:1-9   The Tower of Babel
GE 11:10-11:32   The early descendents of Shem (Noah's first son)
GE 12-23   Abraham (Abram) & Sarah (Sarai)
GE 24-26   Abraham's son, Isaac & Rebekah
GE 27-35   Isaac's son, Jacob, Rachel & Leah
GE 36   The early descendents of Isaac's son Esau
GE 37-50   Jacobs's sons, especially Joseph (remember Judah is Jesus' ancestor, not Joseph)

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