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Abraham wanted a son more than a wife, more than anything, that's why
 God asked him sacrifice him. What is it for you?
Erwin quote Jack Daniels, scripture reference "if a house is built
 without God the laborer builds in vain"
Jdg8 Gideon lived 'about' 40 more years (40)
Women in middle east have no rights, culturally not religiously, see
 judges 21, woman caught adultery, lot's daughters, Abram & sarai in
1sa2:25 remember
1sa2:30b contradictory views of G
1sa4:22 where God is is holy, where he's not isn't.
Hos 4:6 wisdom, worldview
Jer3:8 divorce
Never content with who you are
Compare jesus comment about cup & body to shake dust from feet of
 towns that don't believe
Mal4:1-2 contrasting views of G
Controversial topic(?) angelic haloes
Purpose of church: together we can do more (for God) than on our own.
 References to the truth are just an excuse to be right (prideful).
 Human growth & teaching is an byproduct or secondary purpose. 
Ps24:1-2 add to cvefaq
Ex13:17-21 (perhaps not best vs) they had pillars and mana as daily
 evidence of G but still wondered
Ge & Ex commands of G
Ps19 in cvefaq? Good ch. 
Heb1:4-14 add to J compared to prophets and angels
Text search "sheep" in ot to correlate "I am the good shephard"
Pr15:31-32, 25:11-12 constructive criticism (correcting C?)
J didn't speak direct theology very often, he spoke about life and
 reality and relationships
Work ethic: work isn't after the fall
Zec9:9 prophecy
Jn16:27 interesting quote from June about G love
Mat6:33 good quote to remember
Add to cvefaq astronomy sect: 2 kinds of science? Observational &
 origins: obs predicted hammer and feather drop at same rate on moon,
 but evolutionary origins got mercury all wrong
Joel2:13a nlt conform your will more important than your appearance
Joel2:13b G of OT full of love
Amos5:16 professional mourner? 
Amos5:14-15 sounds familiar, add
Amos5:13 interesting 
Amos2:7 random example of impurity
Amos2:11-12 add somewhere
Amos3:2 excellent (followup vs 7)
Amos5:20-24 add somewhere

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