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Examples of inter-ratial marriages (add as ed note for G loves everyone)
Voddie t11, no where in the bible does it say we should "invite J into
 our heart", not even Rom10.. I refuse to have less respect for the
 terminology of the kingdom of G than I do for football or ballet. So
 reason number one why we don't use theological terminology is because
 'doctrine divideds,' to which I say "that's why I like it.".. Keyword
 study: repent/ repentence/ repentent (plus see websters 1827).. Sovren
 G of the universe.
Don't judge means don't condemn, not don't use discernment mt7:17-20
Pam: Opposites might attract when it comes to personality but never when
 it comes to character... You have to be what you want, and that's how
 you'll get it.
Mk14:51 add to disciples trivia
Erwin's quote about refer people to mark rather than john?
Mk15:39 anomaly: so what that he stopped breathing? Everyone does.
Mk16:1 burial/embalm: why??
Erwin mp3 culture 6:45 if not distressed no pay price, 8:28 his address
 as kid
Mk9:38 denominations, or anomalies
Eph1:21 gov
Dictatorship/fascist, socialism/communism/marxism
1pe2:17 gov sub
Text search: third (satan & the angels)
Ed note on rebellion: it can be used for good when directed not against
 G but against Satan, against sin, against complacency and ignorance.
 Find a way to channel the rebellious energy of teens (really all people)
 into something constructive, don't just try to make them conform.
Nehemiah inst: add to links
Remove extra 'x' in divorce, ticks around clothes in tattoo
Change jn 11:35 to jn 11:32-37 (link, not text), fix "and the He"
The law: was it just for the Jews to keep them different, or did it
 explain the heart of G? J says he completed the law, making us think it
 wasn't trivial, but G releases them from dietary restrictions,
 reinforcing that it had aspects of just being different from their
 neighbors to make a name for G)
New page: Implications of various wv's (biblical only one that results in
 long term freedom, peace & intelligence)
New sec: prayer changes things (list examples where G was planning one
 thing until a man of G asked otherwise)
Add somewhere: books where people set to disprove the bible but ended up
 proving it
Trivia: literal names (translations) of "Jesus" in other languages
Lk2:32 G loves everyone: a Jewish priest got it when he met J as a baby
Anom: what's the deal with Mary storing things deep in her heart? (Text
 search mary), sim could the "who is my mother" vs be related to "a sword
 will pierce your soul"?
Lk3:7-9 baptism (esp MSG)
No word processor example: lk3:18-22
Universe declares everything in relationship
Erwin (sex) "what we worship effects what we become" (rm1:23-25, really
Add to quote: lk5:11, similarly add lk5:28 to trivia
Lk5:32 purp of church
Lk6:22-23 (esp msg) add to we be pacifists
Add quotes from books (incl global achieve gap)
Lk6:38 msg remem: when life is soo boring, we've forgotten or denied this
Lk6:47-49 msg: bible say itself
New sect: don't expect everyone we witness to to be saved lk8:11-15,
Lk8:25 when G was disappointed
Lk8:56,9:21 anom: why not tell?
Anom: whoev not against not for (lk9:50)
Lk9:51-56 denominations
Lk10:8 diet
Lk10:19 h&w: we wish this was a general promise but it was comment about
 a specific situation
Lk10:19-20 ? (at least remem)
Lk10:21 when G was happy: if you found this annoying then you're not
 alone but given G's emphatic attitude here it's too bad
Jn3:16 G loves everyone
Isa54:13 home school? (perhaps better somewhere else)
Lit: marriage bed holy not literal
Voddie: nothing informs worldview like education (add to homeschool cont
Dt6:1-2 B say itself
Largest, densest, free-est, most summarizing resource in the world (wv
 comparison chart)
Why did J come, what was his core message that was worth brutal murder
 before His resurrection? (Besides Jn3:16.) We should love G and love
 people. However radical, this wasn't a new idea. He was summarizing the
 first 4 and last 6 of the 10 commandments. Those were hand delivered by
 the G of creation, who was the same G in the OT, NT and today.
Tweak testimony: Dan T listened to G call and managed to create an
 environment where I could see the egregiousness of my own self
 righteousness. By doing this and teaching about the char of G, and by
 the grace of G, Dan made G undeniable
My strategy has always been superior firepower. That is a good formula
 for winning a battle, maybe even winning a war, but not people.

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