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Quote Driscoll Bethesda ~? methods vs principles, ~40:30 each of us are
 unique because we're so weird there's only room for one
Pdf maps of pauls journeys
Acts15:28-29 core christianity
Lk20:30 trivia 2 words
Jn18:37 everyone who cares, not everyone
Jn12:47-50 J no condemn
Lk13:22-30 relationship
Lk13:10-17 J was anti legalistic (new sec or topic)
Lk10:18 satan
Mt23:1-12 relationship not religion, priests (literally) are overrated
Mt22:41-46 literally (esp msg)
Mt21:28-32 new sec: what do our beliefs matter? or, truth versus virtue?
 lk12:35-48 also?
Mt19:28-30 future times, levels of heaven [misconception]
Mt18:12-14 purp church
Mt12:6-8 purp church, day we worship
Mt11:25-26 parables on purpose
Mt10:28, lk12:5 mind body spirit
mt13, 1cor5:4-5, 1ti1:18-20 can't convert/ convince everyone, mt9:12-13,
Eze33:1-6 consider followup for mission for someone
Eze24:18 what would've it been like to be eze's wife?
Eze18:5-9 how to be, 10-13 how not to be, or 5-18 as mix
Eze18 children
Eze12:21-25 followup to 2pe? On everything's the same
1cor9:19-23 purp of church
Annon: church these days is neither super nor natural
Jer31:35 consider for cvefaq
Jer8:8 priest take us for a ride, better verse though?
Num30 husbands & wives
Hebrew ~ hebron: gen13:18, 37:14
Worship = spending time, money, or effort
2ki6:11-13 remember
A second goliath in 2sa21:19 trivia
Trivia: how many chapters have more than 99 vs? term jew first used in
 Ezra, hebrew not used again except by paul in letters or as a language
Review vs in divorce keyword, grammar in contraception, home schooling
 fear god above, move interacial marriage, review reincarnation
Outline job
Gen19:5-7, Jdg19:22-24 homose
Ex32:33 lose salvat
Add cookie to bible stories to track last read dates?
Sect title: if J didn't expect to convince everyone he met, why would I?
Is there an example in OT where someone didn't take tithe seriously? loose
 compare to acts annanias & sophias
Add to literally: i started a masters class in 2012 after a dozen years
 in work world with multiple prof writing classes and i'm still learning
 how to write well. notice the apostles were not learned men (vs
 somewhere in acts?) so give them a little slack. then it gets translated
Acts19:21,24 text search acts for people believed and turned to G
Grace & truth, truth vs virtue, purp of church
Rom8:31 add to erwin quote
Rom8:35-39 (may need expanded to this in loosing salvation)
Jn 10:30 J is G
Acts 9:22-23 danger of having and proving the biblical worldview

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