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Contr top: home schooling (teach your children, give to ceasar (compare
 ge1), Luke6:40, if there are teaching environments that prove themselves
 better than personal ed then great, but... salt & light doesn't cut it
 because your kids aren't going to change the school, it's got teacher
 unions and hoards of secular humanists running the whole thing, but
 include that verse for second half)
Homesc: Meditate, council of wicked, companion of fools will suffer harm,
 not for me is against me, make every thought captive (add to christian
 warfare too), do not be conformed to the pattern, col2:8, quiver arrows,
 godly offspring,
Quote: voodie track 3: 43:00-45:05 (why learn read, write, math, science:
 for glory of G), similarly 62:10-62:30
Gen2,3 meaning of life
Literally: writers didn't have word processors and go through multiple
John saleheimer: Gerad recommended teacher on pentatuc
Outline of Genesis: add "son of"
Separate GE to its own section
Josh1:8 bible say itself
Jer 7:23 meaning of life, g/h r
Contr top: contraception, slavery, man special in creation
Demme quote (t4) 6:30-35 blessings, 58:45 when moses said let someone
 else do it that's when G got hot, 61:00 I know what it says I wrote it/
 G is on our team
Gerad quotes another "what have you done that you believe in and are
 proud of?"
Bob dylan song: man gave name to all the animals
Dt4:32 cvefaq
Dt4:1-2 bible say itself
1pe1:25 bible say itself: lasts forever
Rev1:3 bsi: blessed read & hear, see also man no live on bread alone but
 word of G (text search "word of G"?)
Wrap first column in keywords, say NIV84
Mic7:18 use?
Boyer (t5) david faragut, first admiral of us navy, 12 year old captain,
 ben franklin self ed at 14, tom edison ran publishing co at 12, book by
 rick boyer "homeschool hall of fame", marx: take away traditions and
 easier to convince, 52:40 christians go home
Fix rock pages display w/ bb, custom pages look good but not regular
Mk10:29-30 health wealth
Voodie (t6) review dt6:1-3(+), infinite holy righteous perfect creator
 God, 25:00 G not running for G, He was only one around when they took
 the vote and there will be no recount. 33:20 sep of Christianity and
 state (t9) marriage is model of relationship, screw it up and screw up
 our picture of G,
Dt5:32-33 faith journey is road, not mountain (as oprah says)
Mk13:21-23 J only way?
Mk13:31 bible say itself: more permanent than anything else we know
Define: culture

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