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phi2:9-11, 1jo1:5, 1jo3:11 key verses
Rom2:17 add as compare to ?
Things work out for the best (controversial)
Tower babel & purpose of church (we want to hunker down & show world our
 greatness and they should come to us) followup act8:1
1jo2:5-6 add as verse to Christian maturity quote
1jo2:29  G loves everyone? (see also amp version and compare to jo3
Ge2:16 predestination (no)
Ro4:9-12 circum again
Lk23:43 omnipresence, compare some verse mentioning him going to hell
New subsect: your faith affects more than just you: search "entire
Lost son: add to purpose of church
New contr: rituals (J wasnt picky about many)
1jo3:3-5 apostles say J: pure, sinnless
1jo3:8 char satan
Trivia: marriage not explicitly defined but divorce is
Dealing with satan: satan get behind me
Num32:23 compare to gen4:7
Add to cvefaq that genetic variation not mutation nor evolution
Add Christmas and Easter to origin of traditions
Jud1:14-15 ref to enoch
New page: childrens/bedtime stories (optimized for tablets/phones) link
 to youversion?
Jdg8:33-35 sad followup to at least the sunday school story, perhaps
Jn1:12 salvation
Col1:15-20 apostles say J
Purp of church: not the healthy but the sick
Unusual (anomalous) life/death: acts 7:54-8:1 Steven sees J then falls
 asleep while being stoned
Ro12:19-21 revenge
Acts8:1 apostles disregard great commission?
Anomaly: religious leaders didn't need roman ok to stone stephen nor
 imprison others in acts 7-9
Phil3:15 agreement add to testimony page: making God undeniable to unbelieving
New sect: how easy would it be to ignore G moving after a miracle?: jonah
 thrown into sea, zach speaks again, saul/paul sees again...
Isa26:8 add as compare to samuel
Cvefaq mantra: encoded usable information never increases without the aid
 of intelligence (what do you think DNA is)

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