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New contr: Zodiac, luck
Term: superstition
Visually cleanup voddie's 2 long quotes
Quote: justin: G will is too important to be easy
New sect: 2 kinds of fair: equality for everyone or get what you deserve
 (mt20:1-16) communism and capitalism are just extremes of each
Jam4:4 add as compare to with me or against me
New sect: hell?
Text search slave in Romans as followup to GE4:7
Add "90 min heaven" & "heaven is for real" to testimony links
Consider ed note after work ethic: this idea isn't limited to adults, but
 applies to all humans. The challenge in the USA is children are bored
 from lack of productive work since we've automated everything, though
 this problem is shared around the world in all cities. Knowledge workers
 are rarely bored but perhaps one of the great dilemmas is how to keep
 people busy who aren't intellectually prepared for (welcoming to) that?
1co11:9 woman & man
2pe2:21-23 vengeance
Erwin volunteers 8:45 more significant
13:30-14:30, 14:50-15:10, 21:15-21:30, 28:30-29:20, 30:50-31:00, 32:20,
 33:30-33:40... 34:45-35:00 heresy & sin
Mat11:23-24 followup sod & gam
Mat24:37-39, heb11:7, 2pe2:5 followup noah (add other heb11 followups to
 sunday school stories)
Jdg3:12-30 ehud (lefty): add to sunday school stories and jdg4 deborah
 (woman), gideon (little guy), jephthah son of prostitute), samson
Jn14:27 My peace I give you: compare to jn3:16 in judging
Isa44:6-23 wood idols lie
Tbu2 39:30 desires
Tbu3 17:15 truth
Contr top adoption (not so contr in usa)
Diff: J v prophets/judges (born of barren, virgin, etc)
1pe3:15 > 1pe3:15-16
Abortion ~ infanticide
Human & angel sex relations gen6, 2pe, jud
Ex20 can't be both gen and spec com on literal page
Quot: Einstein: logic will take you A to B, imagination take you anywhere
Theme: children (not babies) mt11:25, mt18:3, mt19:14, mk10:14, lk10:21,
Erwin: hindu: ~17:00, everyone loses 21 grams at time of death
Parable of lost sheep & purpose of the church
If we're all sheep then how can one of us be sheppard?
New sect? Leaders in the church: elders
Update last sentence of homeschool comment
Did J talk about H? Maybe: Jn21:25
Erwin scientology 5:20-5:55 easy to disagree on ideas but we must care
 about each other
Deathbed forgive: append thought about "nor how bad your own sin was."
Living together: change if to when god calls you on this
Update link to purpose from BW so works from mobile site (check for other
 links, like cvefaq)
Make keyword td's top aligned
Add link from mobile page for table of contents
Remove extra "is" in trivia about Adam
Remove Jer/Ps trivia
Add as ed note to G loves everyone how Jonah, Nah & Ob are prophets to
Matthew is the only gospel to use _the_ word "church"
Correct Paul trivia: longest to shortest
New contr top: J was real: eyewitnesses 2pe1:16-18, etc
Ge2:19 add to cve faq
Rom2:25-29 circumcise & baptize
2pe2:11 angels
2pe2:15-16 followup Balaam
2pe2:19 freedom
2pe2:20-21 auto hell
2pe2:10-15 summary how not to be
Erwin: catholicism: 25:35-55 religious sys G less compassionate than us,
 peter = first pope (mt16:17-19 but heb7:23-25)
J didn't have walmart or corner walgreens to choose milk, OJ, apple, bud,
 or wine. All they had was dirty water or wine. Why get picky about wine
 at communion
Greek word for baptism = baptismo = emersion
Contr top: 1th4:3-5, 1co6:12-20, heb13:4
Ps100:(end) OT G love
Jn14:1-11 J is G (new contr?)
Add to cvefaq: we are both (humans and animals) from dust so not only
 have common creator but common creation, other than G breathed into us
 (consider replace dust w atoms)
2pe3:16-17 B say itself
Fix perecived on cvefaq
1jn1:5 key verse/concept
1jn2:22-23 J only way, auto hell
Add note: religion = opium for masses, true, but G wants relationship
1jn3:5 apostles say about J: sinless

Last Modified: Sunday, April 1, 2012

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