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Quote ken ham: 33:00 sure you teach noahs ark but do you understand the
 times to prepare them to face the world. (vs?)
Ken H quote billions of dead things
Ken H quote "just trust in J"
Even if death was spiritual (which it wasn't) then explain how thorns
 didn't come until after the fall? (vs?)
Fix quote commentary on my last quote from erwin, sinefeld missing a
 word, tweak think before speak commentary location, same with other
 []'s, quotation marks for steve demme & rick boyer, also capitalize us
Erwin romance t2: 40:00-41:00, t4 41:33-42:00 dreams & bills
Numbers: 4 2sa12:6, zacheus
Add to cvefaq: natural selection sometimes called microevolution, but C
Clean up Occam's Razor point 9 and add 8.5 about J came to prove G loves
 us, and will come again as judge, and how we only get one chance at
 life then we continue to live with the consequences of our life for
Job2:9 "curse G and die" (can't take this literally out of context),
 compare the literalness of G's general command not to lie with His
 targeted command to go sell all possessions and give to the poor then
 follow Him, the trick then is which commands are targeted (not to say
 they're unimportant), also consider Jn3:3 (born again isn't literal in
 the truest sense, but it's a concept that must be taken seriously)
Jn3:12: add to cvefaq
Jn3:32-33 MSG interesting evidence passage
Move "if we're so bad" section
Jn4:10-15 J reuses the term water (v14 is explain) add to cvefaq? (no
 reuse term day)
Jn4:54 anomaly: what was the first?
Jn5:14 anomaly: stop sinning? He was paralyzed for 38 years, what did he
 do? Compare (the man born blind)
Jn5:39-40 G hates hypoc
Jn5:46-47 add to jn3:12 in cvefaq
Fix quote link on abortion topic and absolute truth (so works on mobile
If character is more important than beauty then why can we see beauty so
 much easier?
Universal rage: add comment about lack of paradise
Ge1:1 add to sunday sch topics
Add ed note somewhere: how would you act if everyone mimicked you?
Voddie 6/30/05: 6:15 why believe the B? (Followup 1co15:_, 1jn_:1-3)
"Most people who say 'we're basically good,' they don't have kids."
Lk19:10 good summary vs
D. Bonnhoffer: the purp of the church
Quote: voddie: bib headsh: 30:00-30:47
new sec: ge explains: male headship: 1co9 adam head because he was first,
 eve "made for" man (ge2 also of course) 1ti2:12 and "from" the man (not
 from dust of ground) this from also makes her equal, all other animals
 (including man) made from dust, not egalitarian (absolute sameness)
 though and she was brought to him after creation, and finally she was
 named by the man. Now recognize (document) what headship means... (Ge3
 sin of one man, not woman, buck stops with the man)
Margeret sanger: eliminate the lower races (75% of abortions done to
 blacks and hispanics) new form of eugenics
Voddie bib headship 42:00 You can't win the abortion debate on science,
 they don't _care_ when life starts
Trivia: % of old vs new words, years
Media = entertainment (add to contr top)
Fix reftag amo 5:4, ph 1:9-11
Isa58 hypocrisy
Telepath prob from B5
Mat22:7 G of OT vs NT
We also want to make everyone else in our image
Isa61:10 man head cover, zec3:5, ex29:6
Zec3:1-2 dealing w satan (comp jud1:9)
Jn1:14,17 (quotes) needs link to niv not nlt
Erwin villans 7, 43:30 all you have to do to be seen as a heritic is just
 to see things clearly
Eric villans 8, 6:10 (term) maturity: speed at which we're willing to do
 what we know we're supposed to do.
Click sec title to scroll just right
Q lc t1 11:40-59 B boring, G can do more in a moment through favor than
 you can do in a lifetime, 26:20-40 intimidating/ insulting and pray-
 believe, 30:12-22 faith works grace (somewhere just before he mentions
 if you're going to pray for sun to stand still then be prepared to march
 all night)
T2 14:50 never been done before, 15:36 tune out the doubt (mk 5:36),
 16:50-17:00 keep your mouth shut,
T3 get video version, 10:15 befriend sinner offend pharisees, 18:20-30
 contrib not consum, 19:10 church not too big if 1 lost person left.
J doesn't try convert/ convince everyone (they laughed at him when about
 resurrect Jairus' daughter)
Mars hills delete
Cslewis abol of man 8 things
Redigil... T2 "we sin, something dies"
Erwin quote on heresey and sin?
Eric briant cornelious 22:00-22:15, 26:25-26:50
New sect: G doesn't appreciate you claiming to speak on his behalf when
 He didn't
G says He speaks to Moses face to face (vs in Ex?)
Trivia: no synagogues in OT
Fix ext hist kind rather than kings, add which trans used by pilgrims
Is "verily" both english and greek?
Erwin essentials t1, 0:00-2:00, 11:25-12:00 baptismo emersion
Add to contraception commentary: an adult is fully human, so is a child,
 an infant, a baby, a fetus and a zygote. Unjoined sperm and eggs are
 only half human and don't deserve full respect.
1co15:38-41 kinds of bodies
Ez1:1-2 kinds of people G uses: Cyrus: leader of the world and definitely
 not a Jew
New differentiations: 3 kinds of love, 4 kinds of flesh, 2+ kinds of life
2sa7:17 visions (really 4-17) ex where we aren't told every imaginable
2sa7:18,20,21a prayer/attitude to remember and model, perhaps add as
 compare/contrast to prayer of jabez?
Copies of static maps on iPad & J12?
New sect: G uses/cares for outsiders
New sect: split out colocialisms from controversials
Solomon was example of wives leading astray, and he was the smartest man
 who ever lived, if anyone was strong enough to stand up to wives you'd
 think he'd be
The "unforgivable sin": lk12:10, mk3:29
Zec8:16-17 G appeal thru Z (one liners)
Acts15:28-29 one liners, summary how to be
Darren relay 9/4: if put on trial, is evidence to convict of being
Antioch = first ref to term Christian
Heb13:5 always content have
1pe1:7 money
Quote: this is an awesome church... If we were living in 1982.

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